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Superstition Mountain

Fitness & Wellness

Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club offers a full service fitness and wellness program exclusively for members.

The Sports Club at Superstition Mountain features state of the art cardio machines, free weights and plyometric equipment. Members can participate in a variety of classes in the multipurpose room including palates, yoga, core conditioning, water aerobics and more.  At Superstition Mountain we also offer highly certified and educated personal trainers that can assist with workouts or meet with you individually to prepare a program that's right for you. For those who prefer games in addition to working out on machines or taking classes, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.  The Sports Center complex offers a resort-style swimming pool, shaded wading pool and hot tub. Browse through the categories below for a look into the many offerings that await you.

  • Fitness Classes & Activities

      Cardio/Strength/Conditioning Workouts
      Body Cut/Cardio: This early morning workout is a combination of strength training and cardio fitness. The class utilizes the important aspect of steady cardio at approximately 75% of heart rate max with the interval training of HIIT (high intensity interval training), coupled with resistance training using dumbbells, stabilization balls, body mass and bands.

      Body Cut/Core: An attention to core fitness works every muscle attached to the spinal column and pelvis. The core or powerhouse of your body combined with resistance training for strength and definition is the purpose of this class.

      Circuits: This fun inventive class allows you to move from station to station alternating strength moves with cardio for an energetic, complete workout.

      Total Body Fitness: TBF combines all the fundamentals of complete fitness into one class. Included is cardio fitness with step, HIIT, basic floor aerobics or calisthenics/boot camp moves; resistance training with dumbbells, exercise bands, isometric resistance or fitness balls; and finishing up the class with sports stretches for stronger, more flexible musculo-tendonous attachment sites.

      Silver Fox Workout: OK, none of us are getting any younger! But…we must continue exercising for a higher quality of life. So if you feel the need to exercise, and move to fun, rhythmic music but don’t think you can participate in the more active classes – this class is for you. Using all the fitness toys, you’ll get your heart rate up, stretch tight muscles and improve your strength. We will not be getting up and down off the floor during the class and it can be modified for your individual fitness level.

      Beyond Barre’: Beyond Barre’ transforms the body combining strength, non-impact cardio and core work. Participating in this class will enhance body sculpting, fat burning, muscle lengthening and cardio glide. You will sculpt the thighs and lift the buttocks, tone the arms, and narrow and strengthen the abs.

      Sports-Stretch: The importance of stretching and flexibility transmitted to any sport cannot be understated. To reach your personal best in any sport, you simply must improve the flexibility of all major muscle groups. This class zero’s in on those musculo-tendinous attachments for enhanced performance.

      Mind-Body Workouts
      Pilates: This is a unique Pilates mat class where you will be working on movements that focus on the mind-body connection helping you to become more centered and stress free. Pilates strengthens your body without joint stress and utilizes your own body weight for strengthening. Pilates promises the regular participant a longer, leaner, stronger body.

      PiYo: This class is influenced and designed to link movements into a flowing series of exercises utilizing the best of both yoga and Pilates. Modifications of all movements can be made for your specific physicality. This class therefore is applicable for all fitness levels.

      Therapeutic Yoga with Meditation: This gentle yoga class combines the best of Hatha and flow yoga. It is meant to allow your body to move gently through its full range of motion enhancing blood flow and increasing strength and flexibility. We often include a gentle massage using the foam rollers, followed by a relaxing, stress reducing meditative exercise. Every fitness level will love this class.

      Beginning Yoga: You have to start somewhere and this is the perfect place! Yoga has been touted as a necessary practice for all of us but some yoga classes may be too difficult. So we’ve provided you with a beginning yoga class to learn the basic moves and terminology and get you more flexible.

      Yogafit/Yin Yoga: Yogafit is an athletic flow yoga taking you from one yoga asana to the next, increasing flexibility, strength and balance. After 40 minutes of yang flow, you will move into yin yoga – a slow paced style of yoga with poses that are held for at least 3 minutes increasing flexibility, range of motion and myofascial release.

      Chakra Meditative Yoga: Combine the philosophies of kundalini yoga, sound vibrational healing, and meditation. Come join me as we move up through the chakra’s from the root to the crown. The class is very relaxing, stress free and wonderful for anyone and everyone who desires some calmness in their life.

  • Pool
    • Always inviting, Superstition Mountain's spectacular, resort-style pool is perfect for the serious lap swimmer or anyone simply seeking a casual relaxing dip. Heated in the winter, the pool can be used year-round for sport and recreation.

      The swimming pool is designed so that you can swim laps the length of the center of the pool, or walk around the perimeter of the pool. Working out against the resistance of water is one of the best exercises you can do. 

      If it's a relaxing day by the pool you are seeking, cabanas and umbrellas provide members with privacy and protection from the desert sun.
  • Racquet Sports
    • TENNIS: The sport of tennis is played by people over the world as a great form of exercise and recreation. Superstition Mountain has an active tennis group that plays quality tennis in an organized, fun, and social setting.  With three hard courts and one synthetic clay court there is plenty of room for everyone.  Whether you want to play sets, just hit around and have fun, or work on your game, you'll find that Superstition Mountain's tennis group has fun and friendly members interested in exactly the same thing; playing tennis and having fun!

      PICKLEBALL: A cross between tennis, table tennis and badminton, pickleball is a paddle sport for all ages and all athletic ability levels. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fact paced game for experienced players. Our members get together on a weekly basis and play for fun. If you enjoy ping pong, badminton, and tennis, then this is the game for you.