5 Reasons Why You Need to Warm-Up Before Playing Golf

Study: Dr. Ben Langdon, head Sports Scientist at PGA National Training Academy at Belfry conducted research on pre-round routines and the effects on drive distances. Two pre-round routines were stacked up against a control group to determine which produced the furthest distance off the tee. The three tested routines are as follows: No warm up, Dynamic warm up, resistance band warm up.


1) Help Prevent injury

2) Increase body temperature

3) Increase Range of motion

4) Increase explosive potential

5) Increase distance

So what works?

Dr. Ben Langdon found that warming up in general produced more distance off the tee compared to the control group. The resistance band warm up consisting of warming up the glutes, torso and mid back produced further tee shots than the dynamic warm up.

5 Easy exercises you can do before you pick up your club.

Watch Fitness Professional Zach Gulley demonstrate each stretch.

Knee pulls https://youtu.be/YjfaxqdkklA

Ankle pulls https://youtu.be/wxdGc7sY3D4

Cross body punches https://youtu.be/2eKsV_qmkMA

Functional IT band stretch https://youtu.be/8c7j5zKjMTc

Lunge and rotate https://youtu.be/LTTNTG2vQ9k

For more information on the importance of warming-up before playing your next round of golf contact our TPI certified fitness professional Zach Gulley at zach@teamupaz.com