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4 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset and Your Daily RoutineLooking back just 10 weeks ago we were breaking into the new year. The air was crisp, and ambitions were high. Conversations were built around ideas, innovations, and new beginnings. It sure does seem like a long time ago since that positive uplifting energy our nation had in Jan 2020 has been present.
3 health benefits of YogaDeveloped in India, yoga is a spiritual practice that has been evolving for 5,000 years. Yoga is known for its great spiritual and emotional health benefits, it brings together physical and mental disciplines that may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. The Mayo Clinic sites these top three health benefits to doing yoga:
Fitness Tips for Your New Year’s ResolutionsWhen the new year comes around many of us find ourselves making new year’s resolutions, especially related to our health and fitness. Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated throughout your 2020 fitness journey.
Happy Hour HacksDrinks, chips, dips, and everything in between. Your typical fitness professional might tell you to stay away from happy hour because of the processed foods and calorie dense drinks that most folks will consume. At Team Up, our approach is to enhance what you are already doing, not add or subtract. Don't exercise more if you're already doing it 3-4 days per week, just enhance it. Don't start a strict diet and fall off after a week, simply enhance your current food choices, one meal at a time.
Memorial Day ReflectionsGuest blogger and fitness professional, Drew Saenz, reflects on Memorial Day, a fallen hero, and the CrossFit movement that has taken the country by storm. When I was growing up this day was always just another day off school that I could sleep in, hang out with friends, and put off my obligations. It didn’t have any meaning to me, nor did my family put an emphasis on the importance of this day. As I matured, I quickly realized how backwards the majority of Americans have this holiday.
4 Ways to Improve Your Golf & Fitness Health in ArizonaSuperstition Mountain Golf & Country Club’s new golf and fitness program combines golf instruction, fitness and physical therapy to help athletes achieve more with their golf swings. Three experts share their combined areas of expertise to help residents to improve not only their game but overall health and fitness levels.
Tips on HIIT Training Workouts for SeniorsHIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a short period of intense exercise, usually 30 seconds – followed by a less intense ‘recovery’ period. This pairing is repeated for 20-36 minutes. Think “boot camp” style.
The Benefits of Resistance Training for Older AdultsYou may be tempted to forgo your resistance training and head outdoors for some aerobic exercise in the fresh air. Fitness Professional and Founder of Team Up Health and Fitness, Drew Saenz, tells us why resistance training is so important to our health.
4 Ways to Encourage your Spouse in a Healthy LifestyleFitness Professional and Founder of Team Up Health and Fitness Drew Saenz gives advice on supporting your spouse in a healthy lifestyle and shares his own personal experience. Here are four fool proof ways to support your spouse on a life long journey to better health without causing a negative impact on your relationship.
How to Reach Your Fitness and Wellness GoalsPerhaps you want to eat a more healthy diet or lose the winter weight that has crept upon you. Maybe you just want to establish a regular workout routine and stick with it this time. The keys to your success are two-fold: Steady the target and create momentum.
5 Tips for a Healthy Holiday SeasonAt Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club in Phoenix, we always look forward to the annual Thanksgiving feast with our members. Whether it’s with family or friends, this is a great time of year to reconnect over delicious homemade meals and treats. Here are ways you can lighten up your recipes for a healthier holiday season.
5 Tips to Get Better at Tennis Without a CourtThe perfect weather for tennis season is in full swing, and now is a great time to focus on your skills. It’s easy to think about technical skills on the court, but what about things you can do off the court? Here are some simple tips you can add into your everyday routine to help improve your overall tennis game.
Improve Your Golf Swing with Tai Chi in PhoenixAt Superstition Mountain, members of the private golf club in East Valley Phoenix have full access to a variety of fitness classes and wellness programs. The most recent addition to the line up is Tai Chi, which will be hosted every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
Healthy Green Juice Recipes to Supercharge your HealthNo matter how committed we are to getting in the recommended five to nine servings of vegetables and fruits every day, sometimes we come up short. There are many reasons to consider adding green drinks to your diet.
Health and Fitness Tips: Train Smarter Not HarderThere are few things as exciting as new boot campers eager to make serious lifestyle changes and make up for lost time in their quest to get fit and healthy. Their motivation and passion are contagious, and watching them transform is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a trainer.
Health and Fitness Tips: How to Avoid Sugar Cravings in the SummerWhat do Insulin Resistance and Summer Have in Common? Plenty, it turns out, and it has everything to do with what you’re eating this summer. Even though summer brings with it an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it easier to eat healthily, it also brings added risks.
4 Ways to Beat Summer Weight GainYou spent the winter working hard, you exercised consistently, you were careful to eat more healthy foods and you watched your portion sizes. Why? So you would look great at the lake and have plenty of energy to enjoy summer. You greeted summer with a healthy, toned body.
Top Tips on How to Relax for Optimum HealthVacation season is in full swing. Whether you are traveling to the mountains or the beach, it’s the time of year when many of us start planning for a much needed break from the daily grind.
10 Health and Fitness Tips for the SummerIf you have been working out over the past winter and spring months, you may be surprised at the new challenges that summertime fitness throws at you. Today is the first day of summer, and you are probably discovering that your body reacts to the heat and humidity differently than it does to cooler, drier conditions.
5 Golf Warm Up Exercises - Helpful TipsStudy shows that Dr. Ben Langdon, head Sports Scientist at PGA National Training Academy at Belfry conducted research on pre-round routines and the effects on drive distances. Two pre-round routines were stacked up against a control group to determine which produced the furthest distance off the tee.
10 Ways to Burn Calories FastOn some days, you simply don't have time for your usual workout. Perhaps you are traveling, you have meetings from dawn ‘til dusk or something unexpected comes up and your workout time disappears. When life steals your exercise time, you don't have to forgo your workout. If you have a few minutes, you can burn off 100 calories, get your heart pumping fast, and redeem your workout.
4 Reasons Why You're Not Losing WeightWondering why you’re not seeing the weight loss results you desire? Our Fitness Professionals from TeamUp put together their top four why you're not losing weight.
4 Simple Pickleball Playing Tips to Improve your GamePickleball (a combination of ping pong, tennis and badminton), is one of the many racquet sports that Superstition Mountain club members are able to enjoy when taking a break from our private golf course in Arizona. Played on a tennis court, the fun pastime is great for competitors of any skill level.
How to Play Bocce Ball - Basic RulesBocce Ball or often shortened to just “bocce” is a fun and competitive game that is easy to play and enjoyable for players of any age. With brand-new bocce courts on the north side of the Clubhouse, Superstition Mountain residents and the members of our private golf course in Arizona have been enjoying our newest amenity day and night. Ready to get in the game? Check out our quick crash course on the pastime.
The Best Pre-Workout FoodWhen exercising, it is vital to fuel your body properly to ensure you are not burning precious muscles for fuel. At Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club we have a team of certified fitness professional to help you get on the right path for a health lifestyle.
Top 4 Ways to Keep Your New Year's Resolution2018 is here and many residents of our private golf courses in Arizona, take advantage of the start of the new year to set numerous goals. Accomplish your New Year’s resolutions and keep the following tips in mind to make this year one for the books.
Health and Fitness News in PhoenixThe path to a regular exercise routine has great rewards as well as roadblocks. We’ll help make it simple and safe – and give you motivation to push on. Check out our latest health and fitness news!

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