2 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game - Helpful Tips


Two main reasons for a lack of distance with the driver are a poor strike and an incorrect angle of attack. Hit up slightly on the ball to maximize your drive, this will increase the launch angle and reduce backspin. Doing so will allow you to hit the ball in the middle of the face, promoting a high launch and low spin. Try out the following drill to improve your club swing and strike line.

1. Angle of Attack
Tee the ball high and set up with your spine tilted away from the target. Position a club cover about 18 inches in front of the ball on your ball-to-target line. Aim to miss the cover on your through swing. If you attack the ball downward with a steep angle of attack, you’ll hit the headcover. You want to feel like you are swinging from low to high through the ball. When done correctly, you’ll hit the ball on the up and miss the cover. This drill should encourage a better attack into the ball, better launch conditions and more distance.

2. The Strike
With regard to the strike, in order to get the most ball speed, golfers need to hit the ball with the center of the clubface. No matter which brand of driver you hit, the hot spot is above the center of the clubface. But it's slightly different for each one. To find yours, take an erasable marker and put a circle on your ball. Tee it up with the circle pointing straight back at your clubface at address. Now hit some drives, and after each one examines the clubface to see the circular mark. When you catch one flush, the mark will be high. That ink blot is your sweet spot.

With these tips in mind, you will soon be driving further than before. If you would like personalized one-on-one instruction, give our Golf Shop a call at (480) 983-1411. 

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