3 Home Decore Ideas for Making Memories


From international travels, nights on the town to rounds on our two Nicklaus-designed golf courses, members of our golf course communities in Gilbert, Arizona are making memories every day. In age of social media, it’s easy to put pictures of adventures like these on Facebook, and then forget about them completely. Try out these memorable ways to turn experiences with friends and family into unique home décor.

1. Picture Frame Memory Wreath

This lovely project is great for indoor or outdoor use, though you’ll want to make sure the outdoor wreath is in an area protected from the elements. This craft is customizable, design it to match your existing decor. For example, if you tend to decorate using black photo frames, you can print all the photos in black and white to produce a really cohesive look. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of choosing between horizontal and vertical photos, you can buy square frames and download images from your Instagram camera roll. Just make sure that before you print all the images, you try printing and framing just one to make sure it fits.
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2. Vacation Memory Photo Map 

Do you and your family like to see the world together? Vacation memory photo maps are the perfect home decor idea for avid travelers. You could end up adding to this decor piece every year, so make sure you leave enough room for it to grow! Depending on where your family likes to travel, you can do a wall decal of the world, one country, or even your own state, and can customize the colors to match your existing decor. To keep it from eventually looking disorganized and jumbled, you might consider an aesthetic theme, like using all black photo frames or sepia-toned photos.
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3. Memory Shadow Box

Occasionally, a photo on its own just doesn’t do a memory justice. That’s where the shadow box comes in hand. Combine as many items as desired to help remember what made an experience or trip worthwhile: the wristband from your favorite band’s concert, the shell from the beach where you watched the sunset or a map of the subway that kept you from getting hopelessly lost. With the shadow box, you can display them all.
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