4 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset and Your Daily Routine


Looking back just 10 weeks ago we were breaking into the new year.  The air was crisp, and ambitions were high.  Conversations were built around ideas, innovations, and new beginnings.  It sure does seem like a long time ago since that positive uplifting energy our nation had in Jan 2020 has been present. 

With ongoing bad news feeds and fear driven media we can allow these ever-changing times to take control of our thoughts, decisions, and actions.  OR we can remain in the DRIVER SEAT.  Our nation was built on tough times, uncertainty, and Americans who were unwilling to settle for anything less than their ideal life. 

I urge you to continue on your path to better health and leave you with a few time-tested tips to do so even during the current challenges we are facing.

1. Commit to setting media boundaries
This includes news outlets, social media, and online articles.  Anyone can post just about anything on the internet and it is important we source our information from credible sources.  This will help you ease any unknown anxiety that the current virus pandemic may be causing.  If you want to learn more about the Coronavirus from a credible medical source, here are a few we have vetted for you. 

Peter Attia discussed the Coronavirus FAQ’s

Stress and Coping 

2. Continue and ramp up your health and fitness routine
We know exercise, sunlight, proper nutrition, and hydration are essential to keeping our immune system healthy and preventing physical fatigue/injury.  Why does this seem to be the first thing to go when our environment or routine changes?  Our health routine must stay consistent if we want to maintain our current way of life and prevent chronic disease.  Follow these steps to health and fitness routine success:

  • Adjust your scheduled workouts to fit your current situation
  • Add in small burst of exercise throughout your day
  • Challenge yourself by doing something different
  • Obtain the resources’ needed to be successful in your current environment

3. Tune into current nutrition and sleeping habits  
When your commute time, resources, and logistics of daily living change it can be very easy to slip out of proper nutrition and sleep habits.  It is simply more justifiable to stay up late, sleep a little bit later, and rely on take out or delivery at mealtime.  If you find yourself doing so you are not alone, and here is what you can do to stay on track:

  • Be strategic about grocery shopping
  • Plan meals in advanced at least for the next few days
  • Eating out, do the math
  • Stay diligent with start and stop times at work
  • Spend extra time at home enhancing your sleep environment 

4.Stay connected with family and friends  
Studies show social connection and support are just as important to overall health as exercise and nutrition.  If you are unable to gather in person with friends and loved ones, there are others ways you can still connect and maintain your relationships. Here are some ways people are staying connected regardless of current restrictions.

  • Host a virtual happy hour
  • Create a close friends and family online community
  • Write a letter to someone you’ve lost touch with
  • Facetime/video instead of phone calls

At Team Up our number one priority is to keep our clients as healthy and productive as possible regardless of what life throws at us.  This too will pass, and it is up to you to control your daily environment, actions, and mindset.  We are here to help!