5 Golf Tips and Drills with Mike Malaska


Ranked in Golf Magazine’s “Top 100 Teachers” and Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Instructors,” Mike Malaska, Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club Director of Instruction, shares his passion and lifelong experience of golf each and every day to the members of our private golf course community. His expertise and knowledge proper golf mechanics, paired with his 37 years as a player and instructor has made him one of the most sought after instructors in the world. Follow along for a monthly round up of golf tips and drills from Malaska himself to improve your next outing on the links.

1. Putting Practice Drills

There are two drills that will help improve your putting – the Marker Drill and the Tee Drill.

2. Marker Drill
Mark a putting line with a tee. Adjust your eyes, and setup until it looks in-line with the hole. Just remember, there is no correct eye position for everyone.

3. The Tee Drill
Place the ball in the middle of the four tees, make a stroke, and try not to hit any of the tees.

4. Full Swing Practice Drills
Put your watch on your left forearm, so the face is pointing towards you. Rotate your left arm down to impact and after impact, let the left elbow fold, as the left arm continues to rotate. Now put both hands on the club and copy the watch on the follow-through.

5. Chipping Tips
Chipping is a critical skill for scoring. It is very similar to putting and it is where you begin to trust that the clubface will get the ball into the air. The key to good chipping is solid impact, very similar to putting and the full swing. The less the ball flies, and the more it rolls, the more you will control the distance.

Chipping involves a range of shots where the ball rolls further than it flies. The motion used is a shoulder motion, like a putting motion. The set-up uses a putting grip. Your grip pressure should allow you to feel the weight of the clubhead in your hands, with very little wrist action. Think of chipping as off-green putting. It is the beginning of hitting the ball into the air.

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