6 life lessons learned at the gym


Many of us have belonged to at least one health and fitness club in our adult life and some of us have joined several.  No matter if you’re going to a big box gym, a smaller boutique style, the fitness center in your community, or somewhere in between, most of the lessons we learn at the gym can be applied to everyday life.

Everyone is fighting their own battle in some form, whether trying to take off the Covid weight at the gym or taking care of something in their personal life and it’s amazing how far a smile and a ‘hello, how are you doing’ can go!  Finding a gym buddy goes a long way to keep you on track and motivated to meet each other every day.  Friends at the gym and friends in life are both staples for a healthy lifestyle. 

Chalk from the weights, sweat from a good workout, dishes in the sink or laundry on the floor— no one wants to see it.  Wipe down your equipment when you’re done at the gym and take five minutes before you go to bed every night to tidy up your room and home.  Both the people at the gym and those you live with will be thrilled with your efforts!

Though practice may not make you perfect, most things in your life will improve greatly with practice.  If you’re willing to put the time in at the gym, make sure your technique is correct and the results will show quicker.  Once you’re comfortable with a routine, push yourself to add more weight or more reps next time and you’ll be stronger and healthier in no time.  Stuck in a rut professionally? Learn a new skill, take a class to better yourself or meet with your boss to see what areas you can improve on and set a plan in place to keep moving forward.

Eight glasses a day?  An ounce for every pound you weigh? Half your body weight in ounces?  YES!  YES!  And YES!!  We’d never head to the gym without water, so why do we push it to the side once we leave the gym?  To help you stay hydrated throughout the day flavor your water with fresh fruit, warm it up and add a squeeze of lemon, or throw in some pre or post workout powder.  Staying on task with water, will help you in all aspects of your life; digestive health, you’ll eat less, your skin and hair will shine and your body will thank you for it!

Seems obvious but many of us get so caught up in what we’re doing that sometimes we just forget to take a minute, pause, and breathe.  In through your nose and out through your mouth.  When lifting weights, most gyms advise to breathe in as you hold the weight and exhale as you lift the weight.  Runners need to learn how to breathe correctly to be successful and go for long distances, couldn’t we all benefit from this?  It’s amazing how different things can seem when we remember to take a minute, pause and just breathe.

It’s hard to believe that exercising gives you more energy when sometimes it’s truly exhausting, but it’s amazing what a good workout can do for you both physically AND mentally!  Exercise clears the mind and allows you to push your body to do more and feel better.  Whether you’re hiking, biking or taking a class at the gym, get in a routine to get healthy.  You won’t regret it!

If you’d like to get started on a fitness routine, our pros at TeamUP Fitness are here to help!  Both Andrew Saenz and Zach Gulley and their team can get you on track to a healthier you!