Arizona Monsoon Season - 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home


Monsoon season, a sweet relief from the Arizona heat with pouring rain, thrilling lightning, thunder shows and powerful wind. While these sudden summer storms can be quite the spectacle, here at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, we know first-hand how damaging monsoon season potentially can be. 

1. Prepare Plants and Trees
Strong gusts and blowing dust can uproot weak trees and damage bushes. Trim any large branches that could snap and potentially damage your home or yard. As heavy rain arrives the moist soil will make trees more prone to becoming uprooted. Tie downs and planted support poles can help secure young trees through monsoon storms. 

2. Evaluate Your Home’s Drainage
While Arizonans often rejoice at any precipitation, double-check your homes ability to drain the often-heavy rainfall. Evaluate and clear gutters and address areas in your yard where water may pool and cause flooding to move towards your home. 

3. Create an Emergency Storm Kit
Stay a step ahead of the storm with an emergency kit in case of power outage or serious flooding. Stock up on non-perishable food, bottled water, spare clothes, basic first-aid supplies and lighting sources (ex. flashlights and candles. Keep everything in a readily available location just in case the monsoon takes a turn for the worse. 

4. Inspect Your Roof
A leaky roof can quickly be troublesome during monsoon season. Steer clear of water damage by having a professional inspect your roof and patch up any cracks or holes and secure loose roof tiles that may fly off during a strong microburst. 

5. Protect Your Indoor Belongings
Keep your favorite personal electronics safe from potential lightning unplugging them from power outlets or utilizing surge protectors. If your power does go out, keep your refrigerator and freezer closed to keep perishable food cold as long as possible. 

With these tips in mind, you and your home can remain safe during these majestically powerful summer storms. For more information on monsoon safety,