Best Cold Weather Golf Tips


Although Arizona is known for its year-round mild temperatures, it’s important to be prepared for the occasional colder weather, especially while out on the golf course. This winter, conquer the course and boost your game with these helpful tips for cold weather golfing.

Dynamic Warm Up Routine
Dynamic stretching not only prepares your body for a full day of exercise, but also helps you combat the cold. Make it a point to arrive at the course a few minutes early to stretch your upper and lower body and swing a few practice shots. The extra warm up will greatly increase your range of motion and improve the fluidity and power of your swing, bettering your overall performance. Looking for an easy and effective routine to get you started?  Check out this five minute full-body warm up.

Ditch the Cart
Walking is a great way to get your blood flowing and loosen your joints before exercising, and proper warm ups greatly decreases your chances of straining a muscle or other types of injury. To easily incorporate a warm up routine into your game, avoid taking a golf cart and walk the course. Staying active throughout the round will make you less likely to stiffen up between holes, keep you warmer and give you an all-around great workout.

Warm Up Your Golf Balls
Not only do cooler temperatures have an affect on your body, but they also have an affect on your golf ball. In fact, cold weather can change the performance of your ball and cause it to not travel as far on the course. According to Trackman, the difference is approximately one yard of carry for every 10 degree drop in temperature. To help counteract the cold, its recommended to use softer-covered golf balls to gain more feel on your swing and plan for at least an extra half club, according to Golf Digest. The Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club pro staff can offer recommendations on softer golf balls - just pop in before your round, they are always there to help.

Layer Your Clothes
Layering your clothing will keep you warm throughout the winter season, however, wearing too many can inhibit your swing and affect your performance. Three layers is generally the ideal amount for players, consisting of a tighter-fitting thermal base layer, a middle layer, such as a snug quarter-zip jacket, and an outer layer, like a waterproof jacket or shell. Choosing waterproof items, like golf shoes and gloves, will also help protect you from morning frost and dew. Layering is also optimal for Arizona’s fluctuating temperatures. Add or remove unnecessary layers as the weather changes to keep you fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club members can also utilize our fitness center before hitting the green to practice their warm up exercises. For more personalized tips on how to warm up, contact our certified fitness professional Zach Gulley at