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The Best Exercises for your Golf Game
Looking for ways to increase mobility and strength that will translate directly to your golf game? Here at our golf course communities in Gilbert, AZ, some of our favorites include the single leg RDL and goblet squat. Take some time to go over this and see where you can incorporate a few of these exercises into your routine. Learn more from Men’s Health. 

Class Highlight

Mondays 8:00 AM

The Pilates/Stretch Mat class will increase your core strength and muscle control. Pilates engages deep muscles that we do not use on a daily basis even in traditional strength training. Our instructor incorporates full body stretching into this class to help increase range of motion and blood flow, which is perfect for pre or post strength training. 

2018 Transformation Sneak Peek

Mind and Body Optimization Workshop

Learn the mental and physical aspects of being the best you. Mark your calendars for January 23 from 5-7:30 PM. More details coming soon. 

Rotational Strength

Wednesdays & Fridays 8:00 AM

This class focuses on movements that mimic the golf swing as well as keep your core stable through the rotational range of motion. All fitness levels are welcome and your TIP coach, Zach Gulley, will tailor intensity for your current ability. 

Lunch & Learn
There will not be a Lunch & Learn on December 20. Keep an eye out for more in January. 

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