Employee Spotlight with Brooke Laferriere

Membership Services Coordinator, IT Diva, MarCom Support, Jill of all Trades


If you are a member of our private golf and country club, you probably know Brooke Laferriere. You’ll have seen her smiling face behind the concierge desk, asked her for help booking club transportation or to fix a glitch with your membership login or ForeTees app.

The membership services coordinator at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, Brooke has been a valued staff member since 2012. Her role has grown throughout the years to include IT management, website administration, member communications, concierge services and more. Brooke is always finding more ways to serve the club and enjoys any opportunity to learn new skills.

We sat down with Brooke to talk about the changes she’s seen in the club over the years and why she loves Superstition Mountain.

One of the best things Brooke told us, and something we think everyone who is a member, guest or employee at Superstition can relate to, is the feeling you get coming up the tree-lined drive. When asked what she loves about her job, one of the things Brooke said is:

“The drive up to the clubhouse. It never gets old. Every morning as I drive in the feeling is that, you know you are going to work but you know you’re going to have a good day.”

She also talked about the mutual trust and respect between the staff, managers and ownership and the work/life balance her job provides. The people, both staff and members also made the list of top things she loves about working at Superstition.

Having been at the club for more than a decade, Brooke has seen it all. Here’s a summary of what she thinks has evolved during her tenure.

We have expanded our member services so much in the past few years. The new spa, transportation services and sports club have grown and in my role, I have a firsthand look at how members are responding, and taking advantage of, the new offerings. It’s been a resounding YES to all of the new things, members are loving them and using them.

We have also upped the game in terms of social events, including some that are more focused on families. I think we’ve doubled what was already a very active club schedule and the quality of events the team pulls off is out of this world.

The dining program has really changed in the past few years. I think we all understand it’s important for exclusive golf clubs to hold true to certain traditions, but we still need to be able to shift to accommodate a changing membership. We host plenty of formal dining events but in many ways have become more relaxed and offer a very comfortable environment. Jeans are now allowed in the dining room and we often see members of our booming bocce league (last I checked the league had 160 members!) coming in after weekly play for drinks or a bite to eat, without needing to change clothes to adhere to a stricter dress code.

We’ve truly created a place where members can look to the club first for all services from entertainment, and dining, to haircuts and massages before having to go outside our gates. It’s a wonderful environment and allows our members to take full advantage of their club.

At Superstition Mountain we are grateful to amazing team members like Brooke that make it possible to create a place as special as our club.