Go the Distance with Your Driver

Does your driving game go the distance? We can’t all be like Joe Miller and crush a 437-yard drive as seen here. However, at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, home to two of Arizona’s best private golf courses, our staff of instructors and pros are here to help take your game to the next level, starting with your very first swing. Try out these tips and drills to add yardage to your drive. 

Work on Your Flexibility 
Increasing your flexibility is a great starting point to add distance to your drive. Limited mobility only hinders your golf swing. Practicing upper body, spine and leg flexibility will help your swing become smoother and in turn, help generate more power. Most amateur and pro golfers are able to turn their shoulders close to a perpendicular position at the top of a swing. Aim for this benchmark and you’ll be amazed at how turning 10-15 degrees effects your driving distance. 

Watch Your Mechanics 
Mechanics go hand-in-hand with your flexibility. Remember, “it’s all in the hips!” When starting your downswing, think about leading with your hips and using them as a trigger to pull the club through your swing. Your lead arm should remain straight through your drive as well. With a straightened lead arm, you’re generating a greater distance for the clubhead to travel to get to the ball, which in turn helps add distance to your drive upon impact. 

Whip Drill
Another important factor when it comes to driving distance, is the clubhead speed at point of contact. One effective way of increasing this is by practicing the Whip Drill. Golfers may think that having a bigger, longer swing is the way to generate more clubhead speed, this is incorrect. The Whip Drill will teach you how to generate force with minimal swing. Start by turning your club upside down so your grip is at the base of the clubhead. Set up for a practice shot, now swing the club upside down and try to create a high pitch whip sound/noise with your swing. The next swing, try making a higher pitch sound with the same amount of force. Note, it’s important to keep the same mechanics and finish of your swing. You’ll begin learning how to develop a leverage point at the bottom of your swing where impact will be made. Check out this video for a visual on the Whip Drill. 

Angle of Attack
You’ll often hear the importance of “hitting up on the ball”. Adjusting the degree of how your club strikes the ball or the “angle of attack,” can add significant distance to your drive. Commonly your clubface will connect at a level or flat angle, but when driving, try hitting the golf ball with an upward angle of attack (see diagram for reference) to add valuable air time and distance. 


With these tips in mind, you will soon be driving further than before. For additional golf tips visit Avoiding Double and Triple Bogeys. If you would like personalized one-on-one instruction, give our Top 100 Golf Shop a call at (480) 983-1411.