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County Supervisor Todd House to speak

Todd House is our Pinal County Supervisor for District 5, which includes all of Gold Canyon. He was elected in 2012 and took office in January of 2013. Steve Campbell and I, from the HOA Board, and Alex Wright from the Management team, had the opportunity to meet with Todd recently and were so impressed with all that he had to say about current and future plans for Pinal County – both overall and in our area specifically - that we asked him if he would come and speak to our community and also take any questions from our residents.

He graciously agreed to do so, and will be here on November 18 at 5:00 pm in the Club restaurant. This event will be open to all Superstition Mountain residents. A sample of the things that Todd will be discussing include:
• The growth of population, business and industry in the county
• The impact of Resolution Copper Mine in Superior on county revenue
• His commitment to, and the importance of, open space on current and future county growth
• The direction of property taxes in the county
• The conversation around a potential US60 bypass
• Current and future water supply

These are just a few of the subjects Todd can touch on. He will also take a short Q & A at the end of his comments.
Please plan on attending. This is a great opportunity for Superstition Mountain residents to learn what is going on around the community and how it will affect us. It’s also a great opportunity to show our interest and support as a community, and for Todd to hear from us.

Dean Barrett, HOA Board President