Below are some recent projects that are in progress or have been completed

Club Village Drive Bridge

The bridge on Club Village Drive was recently renovated. The Power Group modified all the outdated light fixtures to accept LED bulbs, refinished the light covers and added tabs on the covers to ease in bulb replacement in the future. Jeremy, with Hibbitts Painting, painted all the beams and hardware, including replacing a beam that has rotted.   

Split Rail Fencing Replacement

FNV Landscaping has recently replaced over 800 feet of split rail fencing on the southern perimeter of the community that had deteriorated beyond repair. They will be replacing additional rail and posts at other locations with the fencing that was replaced and is still in good condition.

404 Wash Cleanup

During the summer of 2017 the 404 washes were cleaned out to prevent flooding.

Trail Enhancement

The SMD Trail was recently enhanced and lighting repaired and replaced on the Grand Paseo Trail.


TS&G Sign Company has recently replaced most of the community signs, including village directional, yield, stop signs and speed limit signs. 

Road Repair

Valley Design Group recently completed repair on the unique road surface in Golden Eagle. The embedded river stones had become dislodged from the surface. VDG came in and filled the divots with aggregate, closely matching the existing surface.