The following questions are commonly asked of SMOA staff and/or directed to our Gate House. Included are management and staff’s responses.


Why is the flag at the gate at half-mast? 
The gate staff receives notifications from the State of Arizona website notifying those who are interested as to when and why the flag at the capital will be at half-staff.

Do Covey Security employees have arrest authority?
No, Covey Security employees are not police officers, nor do they have any law enforcement authority. Any duties performed by a Covey Security employee shall be performed in the capacity of a private citizen.

What is the main purpose/role of Covey Security at Superstition Mountain?
Covey's role is to control access to the community and to continually deter, detect, observe and report via patrol services. 

I’ve got friends from out of town visiting and I just want to show them where the LPGA played. Can we just drive around?
We're sorry but since this is a private community, many residents would be uncomfortable if we allowed that. 

Can Covey Security employees be in possession of a firearm while on duty?
No, Superstition Mountain is an unarmed post. 

I would like information regarding Club Membership. With whom should I speak?
Thank you for your interest. You should contact membership services at the Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. They can be reached at 480.983.3200. 

Where would I find something I lost while golfing last week?
If it is not at the main gate, and if the item was eventually found, it would have been taken to the Club Concierge. Call 480.983.3200.

My husband/wife is working at a construction site and asked me to meet him/her for lunch. Can I come in?
We're sorry, but visitors are not allowed on the construction sites. Ask them to to pick up their lunch at the main gate. Please note that the rear gate off of Don Donnelly is closed, and all traffic must enter through the main gate on Superstition Mountain Drive. 

Who do I need to see to get a new decal sticker?
Club members, who are not Owners in Superstition Mountain, should consult the Club Concierge. Property Owners should request stickers at the Carriage House. 

I’m having a party this weekend. What is the best way to get my visitors authorized?You should provide your guest list directly to the main gate or via emailing You should provide your guest list directly to the main gate or via emailing SuperstitionMountain@coveysecurity.com.

Can I go to the Pro Shop to return some items I purchased last week when I was playing golf here with a member?
You will need to contact the Pro Shop for authorization, and you may have to return when you are accompanied by the Club Member. 

May I pay Gate House staff to watch over my house separately from their job at the Gate House?
No. Covey Security employees are not permitted to provide “individual” services on their own. This would be a violation of Covey Security policy and procedures. 

Can we have packages, FEDEX, UPS, etc. dropped off at the main gate for us to pick up later?No. Due to potential liability issues this service is not permitted.


I do not like this plant/ location/ etc. - can you move it and install something different?
With rare exception, the Association will  not remove healthy plant material based solely on owner preference. If you feel there is a specific concern that needs to be brought to the Association's attention, please email Terri at TWalker@ccmcnet.com

I would like to have my plants trimmed a certain way, is that possible?
Typically, the answer is no. DLC, the landscape vendor, is contracted to perform maintenance on all 225 lots based on a “shaped” look which is why the plants are rounded and sheared in most cases. Having special requests from each lot would not only necessitate an increase in labor and time, it would also be detrimental to the uniform look of the benefit villages.

I have fewer plants in my yard than my neighbors, can I get X number of plants installed?
DLC has been instructed to assess these types of requests by looking at adjacent home sites to determine an average number of plants, and then proposing appropriate plant material and density at the next weekly landscape meeting for consideration. 

I would like to pay to install/ remove/ replace a plant that is located on or near my property – is this possible?
The current policy that governs such landscape requests was adopted in January of 2014 and is called the Common Area Alteration Policy. While it is the desire of the Owner’s Association for all owners to be satisfied with their landscaping maintenance, this policy was adopted to formalize the process for such requests and to make sure that such requests conform to the uniform look of the villages. This process also requires the informed consent of neighboring owners within 100 feet of the proposed change and is therefore used infrequently. 

Can I direct or ask the landscape crew to perform specific work (or skip maintenance of specific items) at my home?
The onsite crews are asked to direct all homeowner requests to the Association offices, and not to take direction from homeowners. There are numerous reasons for this, but most importantly opening a work order through the office allows for us to track the issue through to completion, or provide accurate information on community policy about current landscape maintenance issues. 

What is the process for tree trimming?
How often do trees get trimmed in our community?DLC Resources provides the Association a twice  annual proposal for tree trimming once in the spring and a smaller trim in the fall, which identifies roughly 15-20% of the tree inventory for trimming. These trees are selected by a certified arborist who physically inspects the community and considers the age and health of Superstition Mountain’s arbor inventory. 

By trimming 15-20% each year, every tree should be trimmed in a roughly five – six year cycle. This targeted approach allows for the health of the trees, and keeps the trimming costs reasonable from a budgeting perspective, while still minimizing storm damage that can result from overfull canopies. While the arbor inventory is a significant asset of the Association, comprised of over 3,000 trees, trees are expensive to maintain costing the Association roughly $80,000 per year.

Will DLC install a plant I purchased for my front yard?
DLC will not install owner provided landscaping. In many cases the requested/ provided plant material is not on the approved plant list, or is not common to the specific village. Another consideration is that the plants provided and installed by DLC are warrantied, so if they die they are replaced free of charge to the Association. With homeowner plant material no warranty exists, and DLC cannot guarantee the health of the plant. 

Why isn’t DLC trimming off the dead and dying plant material that was damaged by the recent frost?
DLC will be addressing the frost-damaged plants once there is no longer any threat of further below freezing weather. They anticipate beginning that work sometime in  March. 


Is the Association responsible for removal of wild animal droppings?
Animal droppings, rodent burrowing and pest control do not fall within the scope of common area landscaping or benefit village maintenance and would be the responsibility of homeowners.