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Patio Expansion

Golden Eagle Village is a "Zero Lot Line" village. Below are the policies and documents related to patio expansion requests including the current patio guidelines, easement form, and exclusive use policy. 

Note: Because any patio expansionsby definition will be on Association Common Property, the process to attain approval from the DRC, produce required survey, and get formal notarized approval from the Board will take a minimum of three months. Requests that do not confrom with the patio policy, or request a variance from the existing policy will take longer, or may not attain approval at all. Lastly, the existence of this policy and framework does not mean that every home in Golden Eagle will be able to add a flat patio expansion; each homesite will be considered individually. 

Please contact the Design Review Coordinator to discuss any questions.

Patio Expansion Guidelines

2024 Exclusive Use Rights

Easement Form and Application 

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