Vacant Lot Policy

The Vacant Lot Maintenance Policy sets forth the Association policies and procedures related to the maintenance obligations of Vacant Lots throughout the community.

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Before and after Vacant Lots 

Invasive Weeds/Species 

Witches Broom 

Fountain Grass 



Climbing Milkweed 

Buffel Grass 



Q: Can we still pay the HOA to spray my Vacant Lot? 

A: No. 

Q. If my lot was sprayed by the HOA in the past, am I still responsible for cleaning it up? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Are these requirements specific to my lot? 

A. Yes, your lot was inspected, and the notice was customized to the needs of your lot. 

Q. Why are the Vacant Lot Owners given six months to bring their lot into compliance? 

A. The Landscape Subcommittee recognized that an initial clean up may require more work, time, and capital than ongoing maitinence. Once the initial clean up of the lots in completed in the first year, inspections by the site time, and communications to owners will be more timely and handled in accordance with other compliance items, on an ongoing basis. 

Q. I don't own a vacant lot. Am i still required to remove the invasive species from my lot? 

A. Yes. 

Q. Is the HOA conforming to this policy? 

A. Yes, generally. Wash maintenance and other common areas are maintained on a cycle and within budget constraints.