How Golf Can Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing


Forget apples, a round a day keeps the doctor away! Not only is golf one of America’s favorite hobbies, but it also promotes many physical and mental health benefits. From reducing stress levels to promoting a sense of community, here are a few ways golf can improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Combats Stress
According to the Huffington Post, studies looking at the associations between golf and wellbeing have found regular playing helps prevent chronic illness and improved mental health. Many of these benefits are linked to the exercise associated with the sport. Whether it’s a shot nine holes or a full tournament, golf promotes physical exercise which boosts endorphins and combats stress levels. Endorphins promote a general sense of wellbeing and heightened self-esteem, which leaves players feeling happy, calm and relaxed after a day on the greens. The powerful combination of exercise and endorphins also makes for a better night’s sleep, which is a key factor in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, losing quality rest can lead to many physical and mental health risks.

Boosts Social Interaction
Golf boosts social interaction and allows players to make lasting relationships. During a round of golf, players gain a sense of community and belonging, which directly correlates to positive mental health benefits. According to Golf Digest, even small versions of social interaction like shaking hands or giving someone a high-five after a nice round is enough to release oxytocin, which combats stress levels. Overall, quality time with others is directly linked to improved mental health and a prolonged life span. At Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, we offer an active social calendar including member mixers, bocce leagues and game nights, as well as two Nicklaus designed golf courses, to promote a healthy community life for members.

Increases Time Outdoors
Spending quality time outdoors is a powerful way to boost one’s mental health. Not only does playing a round outside grant players fresh air and magnificent views, but it also heightens their levels of vitamin D. This vitamin can promote emotional wellbeing, strong bones, heart health and a stronger immune system. At our private golf course community, players experience immaculate views of rolling fairways, manicured greens and mountainous landscapes to create a relaxing oasis unlike any other.

Prolongs Life Span
According to a new study, people who play golf could experience a longer life span than those who don’t. Because of its physical demands, the sport improves cholesterol levels, body composition rates, cardiovascular system and metabolic health, which corresponds to a longer life expectancy. As a low impact activity, golf is beneficial for players experiencing joint pain or anyone seeking therapeutic exercise. Overall, playing golf promotes a longer, healthier lifestyle and has many beneficial health effects.

With two award-winning Nickalus designed golf courses, breathtaking mountain views and numerous social events, Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club has everything you need for a relaxing day on the greens. Visit our website or give us a call at 480-983-3200 to learn more about our private community.