Making the Perfect Wedding Registry Checklist


Few things sound like more fun than being given an electronic gun and being told to scan everything you want in a store. Wedding registries are your chance as a couple to forge your material new life together, one new blender, baking sheet and bath towel at a time. But before you start scanning everything that catches your fancy, you might want to take some time to plan out your registry strategy. That way, you can cover all of your essentials, avoid duplicates and choose items that are within your guests’ price range. Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club’s top Arizona wedding venue experts offer a few tips below.

Need? Or Just Really, Really Want?
I know you’ve had your eye on that $21K Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine. You can just imagine yourself every morning pouring a small cup and savoring the smell and taste of the immaculate beverage. Now, this item might be really nice to get for your wedding, but if you don’t have a skillet on which to cook your breakfast, or a toaster oven to brown your morning bagel, choosing this definite want over more practical needs might leave you feeling hungry for something else. So, unless you already have a lot of nice household items at your disposal, it’s important to prioritize your list between the essentials and the luxuries. Your starting checklist might look a little bit like this one from To the Alter & After, which you can then personalize to your own needs. 

On the other hand, if you do have a lot of household items already, either from separate or joint acquisitions over the years, Anetta at Wanderlust Kitchen posits that you should prioritize the kinds of things you want, but would never splurge on yourself. Some key items may include nice luggage, camping gear or a Dutch oven. 

Break Down Your Checklist by Location

Many couples register at a variety of places, including stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. With a little research, you can determine ahead of time that you really like this set of dishes at Williams-Sonoma, but think that maybe you’ll downsize cost on desired bathroom décor by registering for it at Target. Breaking down your checklist by store will greatly help you prevent duplicate purchases, which can produce a great deal of hassle for you after the big day.

Consider Your Guests
The average amount that guests typically spend on wedding gifts is $106, according to a 2015 American Express Spending and Saving Tracker study. Now, obviously guests that are more affluent or have more personal ties to the family may opt to spend more, but it’s important to consider your guests when choosing both your stores and your items. It may be wise to choose your essential items in an affordable price range, while opting for more lavish options for your luxury items.

Choosing the right items for your wedding registry will make the transition to married life run a little more smoothly and will provide result in with a household of items that remind you of your special day. Another way to always remember your special day is to find the perfect wedding venue like those offered at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club, where the beautiful vistas, lavish décor and sumptuous event packages will made your event one to remember. Contact one of our dedicated event coordinators to get started on planning your wedding today