Monthly Round of Golf Tips: Bunkers


Our premier private golf course community boasts two Nicklaus designed golf courses with beautiful greens and challenging traps for every level of golfer. However, these bunkers are often the bane of a golfer’s game. With the tips and strategies below, you can turn your biggest issue into one of the best parts of your game.

Check Your Attitude:
 We understand seeing your ball fly or roll into a bunker is less than ideal. However, your attitude upon approaching your ball can positively or negatively affect your next shot. Be optimistic about the situation, and remember, you’re out on the course because you enjoy the challenges of golf. Have fun with it!

 Adjust Your Posture Accordingly: Like many sports, your posture can improve or diminish your success by leaps and bounds. With golf and bunker play, your stance and grip can greatly affect your game. Fight the urge of setting up with a wide stance to improve your base, instead, dig your feet into the sand by a couple inches to create a solid foundation. Play the ball forward and keep your club face open. This will allow your club to get under the ball, creating increased lift to get out of the hazard on your first attempt. 

DON’T Use a Full Swing: It may be tempting to pull your club all the way back and try hitting the ball with all your might, however all you will be left with is a larger divot, sand everywhere and a stroke added to your card, not to mention an increased level of frustration. Play smarter, not harder when striking from a sand trap. Raise your club back until it is parallel with the ground and use a half swing to hit the sand 3-4 inches directly behind your ball. The inertia from the sand will push your ball, launching it up and out of the hazard.

With these tips in mind, you can now begin approaching your bunker play with confidence. For additional instruction on hazard play or any other aspect of your golf game, our local pros on staff are available for instruction. For additional details, contact the Golf Shop at 480-983-1411 or click here.