Monthly Round of Golf Tips - Irons


With perfect golf weather making its much anticipated arrival in Arizona, we wouldn’t blame our residents for wanting to spend every moment on our two Nicklaus designed courses. We recently caught up with some of our instructors, and they offered up tips and drills to help improve aspects of your golf game.

Iron Play
To get the most power out of irons, use your whole body to make contact with the ball and finish the swing. Using the power of your whole body rotation will increase your distance, regardless of which iron you use.

Another common mistake is not taking a full backswing with iron shots. Limiting your swing can cause golfers to hit too steeply into the ball. When using longer irons it’s important to use a sweeping, shallow motion to make contact with the ball and create less of a divot.

Trap Game
It happens to the best of us, you find yourself in a sand trap and not entirely sure how to get out without ruining your stroke count. Try the following tips when you’re in bunkers. 

First and foremost, approach the hazard with the right attitude. It is not the most desired place to be, however positive thoughts will certainly help your game here. Ensure your lower body posture is correct, keep your stance shoulder width apart and dig your feet into the sand a couple inches for increased balance. Using a half back swing, strike an area about two to four inches behind the ball to project your ball out of the sand.

You’ve arrived on the green but always end up ruining a hole with extra strokes in your short game. Try this drill to become a putting machine.

Read your putts like a clock. Imagine where you want the ball to enter the cup, then let your swing and body react to what you’re seeing. Visualize a clock on the top of the hole, with six o’clock pointing at your ball. As you determine your line, read where on the “clock” (your ball) will fall into the cup and play specifically to that position.

To better improve your judgement of putting distance, practice with the Ladder Drill. On the practice greens, place a tee at 15 feet, 10 feet and five feet. The idea is to putt your ball as close to each of these tees as possible. After a few rounds of the Ladder Drill, you’ll begin to have a better understanding of your power and distance control with your putts.

Continue enjoying the incredible weather and the beautiful courses in our private gated community. With these tips and drills in mind, we hope you will see your game improve. If you’re interested in one-on-one instruction, give our Top 100 Golf Shop a ring at (480) 983-1411. For more tips be sure to check out Avoiding Double and Triple Bogeys.