Fitness & Wellness

Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club offers a full service fitness and wellness program exclusively for members.

The Sports Club at Superstition Mountain features state of the art cardio machines, free weights and plyometric equipment. Members can participate in a variety of classes in the multipurpose room including palates, yoga, core conditioning, water aerobics and more. At Superstition Mountain we also offer highly certified and educated personal trainers that can assist with workouts or meet with you individually to prepare a program that's right for you. For those who prefer games in addition to working out on machines or taking classes, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. The Sports Center complex offers a resort-style swimming pool, shaded wading pool and hot tub. Browse through the categories below for a look into the many offerings that await you.

+ Fitness Classes & Activities
Cardio/Strength/Conditioning Workouts

BOOT CAMP: 1 HR This workout will challenge total body everyday by utilizing a longer drawn out high intensity interval training protocol.
Instructor: Pam 

OUTDOOR STRENGTH: 45 MIN Improving strength from the ground up is of upmost importance as we age. Learn how to activate all muscles groups using resistance and body weight exercises that pertain to your everyday life.
Coach: Drew

TABATA: 45 MIN This class will challenge you aerobically. Come enjoy a Tabata style class that features a resistance workout that consists of clusters of exercises done for 20 seconds followed by 10 second rest periods. The class will be lower body tuesday upper body and Thursday. All exercises can be tailored to any fitness level.
Instructor: Zach

POOL YOGA: 75 MIN Yoga, breath practices, and meditation. Each week is different – with a variety of meditation focuses and techniques. The pool aids in balance and is easy on joints. You may have ease finding the ability to do new poses.
Coach: Debora

GOLF FLEXIBILITY: 45 MIN This gentle class suits beginners to advanced golfers. We will go through breathing, mobility, stretching, and dynamic mobility exercises during this class. You will notice a change in your movement and increased flexibility. Everyone is encouraged to join.
Coach: Zach 

FRIDAY FESTIVUS HIIT: 45 MIN High intensity interval training with a twist of fun. Using battle ropes, sleds, hand eye coordination, balance, we will enjoy the benefits of the intervals while having fun with different out of the box exercises. Coach:  Zach

CORE & CARDIO: 45 MIN Join our newsiest fitness team member in a class that will focus on traditional and non-traditional cardio as well as a complete core workout.
Coach: Nicole 

HEAD CLUB SPEED DEVELOPMENT: 60 MIN  (Small Group Personal Training $219) Increase your rotational power (club head speed) in this 1 month small group class. The class is capped at 9 participants to ensure that proper progression can be made in the month. We will Use VELOCITY CLUBS medicine balls, TRX Rip Trainer, Mobility sticks, & Bands to improve components needed to create club head speed. Minimum participants 4. 
Coach: Zach

Mind-Body Workouts

PILATES MAT: 45 MIN Traditional Pilates with an emphasis of lengthen and strengthening all muscle groups. Proper form and core muscles are a major focus.
Instructor: Pam


LUNCH AND LEARN: Various topics, check Week at the Peak for specific info.  

+ Pool
Always inviting, Superstition Mountain's spectacular, resort-style pool is perfect for the serious lap swimmer or anyone simply seeking a casual relaxing dip. Heated in the winter, the pool can be used year-round for sport and recreation.

The swimming pool is designed so that you can swim laps the length of the center of the pool, or walk around the perimeter of the pool. Working out against the resistance of water is one of the best exercises you can do.

If it's a relaxing day by the pool you are seeking, cabanas and umbrellas provide members with privacy and protection from the desert sun.

+ Racquet Sports
TENNIS: The sport of tennis is played by people over the world as a great form of exercise and recreation. Superstition Mountain has an active tennis group that plays quality tennis in an organized, fun, and social setting. With three hard courts and one synthetic clay court there is plenty of room for everyone. Whether you want to play sets, just hit around and have fun, or work on your game, you'll find that Superstition Mountain's tennis group has fun and friendly members interested in exactly the same thing; playing tennis and having fun!

A cross between tennis, table tennis and badminton, pickleball is a paddle sport for all ages and all athletic ability levels. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fact paced game for experienced players. Our members get together on a weekly basis and play for fun. If you enjoy ping pong, badminton, and tennis, then this is the game for you.