The Power of Fitness Training for Golfers

At Superstition we are lucky to have an incredible team leading the fitness and wellness programs at our private golf club. Our resident golf fitness professional, Zach Gulley, has more than 10 years of experience working in the fitness, rehabilitation and performance industry. Zach has certifications from Titleist and Golf Digest and specializes in helping players discover a higher level of understanding (though fitness) of their swings, their bodies and how it all matches up.

As Zach puts together programs for our members, he follows the philosophy that, “golf is not just a sport. It's an art that demands precision, finesse and a keen understanding of your body's movements.”

To take your golf game to new heights, Zach has introduced a holistic fitness training program to help improve performance on the course and promote long-term health and longevity. Below are some of his tips for fitness training that will help enhance your game.

Enhanced Hip and Torso Rotation
Golf is a game that relies heavily on rotational movements. Fitness training targeted at enhancing hip and torso rotation can significantly improve your swing mechanics. Increased rotation allows you to coil and uncoil more efficiently, resulting in a more powerful, longer backswing and a more controlled swing.


Improved Dissociation of Shoulders from Hips
The ability to dissociate the shoulders from the hips is crucial for generating torque and power in your golf swing. 
Fitness training techniques, such as core strengthening exercises and mobility drills, aid in improving this dissociation and enabling you to execute smoother and more precise swings.

Improvement in dissociation can also help with unwanted swing patterns, like hitting over the top which is a common challenge for many golfers.

Amplify Club Head Speeds through Enhanced Body Force Production
Fitness training for golfers incorporates exercises that enhance body force production, translating into faster club head speeds. A stronger and more conditioned body allows you to unleash the full potential of your swing, resulting in greater distance and accuracy.

Speed is Mass x Force = Acceleration. So, the faster we can make your muscle impulse with stronger muscle fibers the further you hit. Most golfers benefit very quickly from improvement in force output.

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Preserving the Lower Back with Proper Spine Alignment and Posture
Golfers often face the risk of lower back injuries due to repetitive twisting and bending motions during the swing. Fitness training that focuses on improving posture and spine alignment reduces strain on the lower back and promotes a more stable and injury-resistant swing.

Golf Movement Pattern Training for On-Plane Swings
A well-structured fitness training program includes golf movement pattern training, which mimics the angles and positions golf coaches teach as part of an effective swing. By ingraining these movement patterns, you'll develop a consistent and on-plane swing that brings greater accuracy to your shots.

Improving body movements before you hit the course is the easiest way to ingrain proper motion. When we put the ball in play, our brain gets focused on hitting the ball and will compensate without us even knowing it.


Embrace Your Golf Fitness Journey
Golfing excellence extends beyond the golf course itself. Embracing fitness training opens the door to a world of possibilities for elevating your performance and enjoying golf with a healthier and more sustainable approach.

Our dedicated team of fitness professionals will design personalized training programs that cater to your unique needs, skill level and physical condition. They will guide you through targeted exercises and drills that will revolutionize the way you approach your game.

Elevate your golf game today with the power of fitness training and witness the remarkable transformation in your swing, power and overall golfing experience. Step onto the course with newfound confidence and let the fusion of fitness and golf propel you to success.

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Members can contact Zach directly to learn more about how to elevate your game by joining the golf fitness training program: