Tip For Setting Up A Practice Station


Let's be honest, golf is difficult. It takes practice, practice and more practice to improve your game. But, practice also makes permanent so you want to be sure you are putting in the (right) work every time you hit the range.

Luckily for members of Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, our team of golf pros offer a range of golf instruction opportunities for novice to scratch golfers and everyone in between.

Our Director of Golf recently shared the below tips for properly setting up a practice station and utilizing alignment aids.

Pick a target
Don’t just hit anywhere on the range, pick a specific target. Consider which club you’re working on, appropriate distances and whether you want to try for something straight down the line or more advanced ball work. 

Line it up
When getting a practice station set up, make sure you have an alignment stick, or golf club, you can lay on the ground to create a direct line to your target. As the name would suggest, an alignment aid helps you accurately line up your clubhead and body position to hit your mark.

Space it just right
The alignment stick or club should go between the ball and your feet and shouldn’t be so close to the ball that it is in danger of being hit by the club when swinging. 

Keep it moving
Adjust your alignment aid any time you change targets so you can stay consistent throughout your practice session.

For more information, this article from Golficity does a great job of outlining the best way to use alignment sticks in practice. If you still have questions or want to dig a bit deeper, check-in with our team. Personal and group sessions are available and can be customized to address any part of your game.