Watching Golf Pros Can Improve Your Golf Game

By: Nicole Coughlin - Golfer in Training


On a recent trip to the Practice Facilities, several LPGA tour players were running through their motions right next to us. My husband, a decent golfer in his own right, told me I should be watching them; watching their set up, their swing, their follow through—all of it. These girls make it look so effortless and fluid that it boggles the mind.  Here I am, trying my hardest to put all the pieces together to get a great swing, to make great contact, to hit a great shot and they’ve got it down to a science.

As we continued on to the first hole, a couple of other Members had also stopped on their morning walk to watch these girls and they both said they thought they could improve their game by watching how the pros do it. Millions of people tune in to watch golf every weekend but not many of them will go Pro because of it. Does watching those who excel at the game really make a difference in yours?

It may sound crazy or too good to be true, but you can definitely improve your game by watching the professionals play on TV or at your favorite course. Here are a few things you should be looking at:

1. Tempo
Often overlooked and rarely discussed the tempo of your golf swing, the amount of time it takes from backswing to hitting the ball, plays a huge role in your golf game. When studying the professionals, they each have different elements to their swing but the one thing they all have in common is their tempo and you can learn a lot by watching them. It’s not just about speed, but also the tension of your grip, relaxing as you swing, and completing your follow through. All of these elements improve your tempo and therefore your game.

2. Keep your eyes on the prize  
Even professional golfers hit a bad shot, whether it’s missing the fairway or landing in a bunker they hadn’t planned on, but it’s their ability to move on and recover that sets them apart. Some of the greatest golfers have used their bad shots to re-focus and go on to win the tournament. It’s been said that golf is a mind game and that is evident when watching the professionals start to birdie hole after hole just after their worst shot.  

3. Play the game with them  
Replaying holes in your mind and wishing you had hit a different shot or used a different club is common practice with most golfers. During the next televised golf tournament, play each hole along with your favorite tour player and see how often you make the same choices. What club did you pick? Are you laying up or going for it? Even though you may never play that same course, you can learn a lot about your game by watching them play.

Now that you’ve watched and studied the best golfers in the world, feel like you’re ready to golf like them? For the best Golf Instruction, reach out to our professionals here at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. You’re sure to improve your skills and be ready to take on the best in no time!