4 Arizona Landscaping Tips


Here at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, the agronomy team keep our two Nicklaus-designed golf courses in top-notch condition for members year round. Summer is the time to maintain your yard while you host barbecues, games and parties throughout the season. As the temperatures rise, try out these simple tips and tricks to help keep your yard happy and healthy.

1. Water Wisely 
Water is a precious resource in the desert, make the most of it during the summer season. Avoid losing water to evaporation by watering your yard overnight or in the early morning when the sun and heat is less intense. If you do choose to irrigate during the day, utilize water-efficient drip systems or bubblers that use minimal amounts of water. 

2. Take Advantage of Desert-Friendly & Hearty Plants 
Durable and heat-resistant plant life thrive out in the open desert beyond the gates of our private golf course community. Consider planting Creosote, various types of cacti, Agave, Brittle Bush or Marigolds in your yard for low-maintenance and drought-resistant landscaping. 

3. Mowing Tips 
Keep grass green and healthy with proper mowing techniques this summer. When trimming in the summer months, raise the blade of your lawnmower, taller grass is more drought-tolerant and grows deeper roots. Use grass clippings as a basic mulch to help lock in moisture and prevent the heat from reaching and damaging the roots. Lastly, keep the blade on your mower sharp so it cuts your grass instead of tearing it, which will help minimize stress during the hot summer months. 

4. Control Weeds 
Remove any weeds in your yard before they bloom and spread in the fall. Managing weeds as they sprout will prevent the nuisance from suffocating your plants and grass by sucking up the scarce nutrients and water; for easy weeding, head to your local hardware store for weed control spray to prevent future growth. 

With these tips in mind, your lawn will look just as pristine as the 36 holes of spectacular golf offered here at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club.