5 Best Golf Swing Tips that will Improve your Shot Accuracy

A skill that appears effortless takes quite some time to hone and master – like hitting a golf ball straight. If you’re looking to add a consistent straight golf shot into your arsenal and reduce the number of shanked balls, look no further. Check out these five tips from our team of instructor to help improve your shot accuracy.

1. Grip the Club
When setting up for your shot, the hand closest to your target – i.e. your lead hand – should be in a neutral grip with your thumb down and just off right from the center. Then place your other hand or non-lead hand, along with the side of the grip. The v between your thumb and pointer finger should point at your non-lead shoulder.

2. Align Your Club Head and Ball With the Target
When setting up your shot, the face of the club where you would like to make ideal contact should be pointed at your target. A great tip to double-check alignment is by laying a club on the ground just outside the ball running toward the target. The club head should be perpendicular to the club that you laid on the ground.

3. Set Your Feet
Hitting a ball straight relies heavily on the club face, but your stance will help or hurt your swing. Depending on your personal preference between an open, neutral or closed stance, set your feet firmly and balanced prior to your swing.

4. Start Your Backswing
As you prepare to send your ball, focus on keeping your clubhead inside of the ball as you draw back. Doing so will help prevent an outside-in swing, a common fault that causes the golfer to correct just before impact or hit off of square on the club face, creating side spin or shanking a ball to the side.

5. Hit Through the Ball
A common cue for most golfers and very important to ensuring a straight shot. As you connect with the golf ball, focus on carrying your swing through and not cutting it short upon impact. 

When faced with inconsistent shots, consider following these tips. If you continue to have trouble hitting your shots straight, take advantage of the golf pro instruction available at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. For additional details, contact the Golf Shop at 480-983-1411.

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