5 Reasons Why You Should Live in a Gated Community

Arizona Gated Community

One of the fastest growing segments in the residential housing market over the past several decades has been in gated golf communities, like many of the neighborhoods at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club. In fact, the latest census data shows that the number of houses within gated communities grew by 53% between 2001 and 2009. With the numerous amenities and advantages of living in master-planned communities like Superstition Mountain, the increase in popularity should really come as no surprise to most homeowners.

1. Quiet Neighborhoods
The last thing most people want to deal with when they come home is the hubbub and noise that can invade the typical suburban community. Within the peaceful surroundings of a gated neighborhood, there is much less traffic on the streets – taking a shortcut through residential streets is not an option for drivers trying to shave a few seconds off of their commute. Likewise, door-to-door sales people and solicitors of all types are a thing of the past. If someone rings your doorbell, you’ll be pretty certain that it's a neighbor or an invited guest at the door. 

2. Increased Privacy
Along with the peace and quiet comes privacy, too. The community gates not only keep out solicitors and those taking shortcuts, they also exclude lookie-loos, the curious or anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason for driving (or walking) through your community’s streets. Knowing that the joggers, bicycle riders and children passing by your house are members of your community gives that feeling of privacy that can’t be replicated in an unsecured neighborhood.

3. Sense of Community   
With less traffic and fewer strangers in the community, many homeowners feel more secure in getting to know those who live around them. Within a master-planned community like Superstition Mountain, there’s also the knowledge that your neighbors share an appreciation for the biking, hiking, golfing and the many other outdoor amenities that make gated communities like Superstition Mountain an extraordinary place to live. The exclusive nature of the gated neighborhood only adds to the feeling of belonging to the community around you.

4. Security
While nothing can guarantee a crime-free experience - a gated community will most certainly help deter criminals. The sense of community and belonging that is fostered within the neighborhood creates another important deterrent to crime. Within the walls of the community, most residents will quickly become familiar with those who belong within the community – and be able to spot those who have no business there, and the watchful eye of your neighbors may be the most valuable checks against illegal activities.

5. Property Value
While owning a home within a gated community is no guarantee that it will hold its value better or appreciate more quickly, such neighborhoods have all the characteristics of homes that can have greater value than typical homes. The close-knit community that is fostered within the neighborhood leads to a greater sense of pride of ownership, encouraging better upkeep and maintenance. The overall appeal of the neighborhood is enhanced by all of the factors listed above, helping to provide long-term stability to the investment you’ve made in a gated community home.

If you are considering purchasing a home within a gated community, make a point of considering the available resale, newly built or undeveloped home sites at Superstition Mountain in Gold Canyon Country Club, Arizona. For more information, visit our Real Estate Page.