Couples Fitness 4 Tips for Working Out Together


At Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club we found that couples who work out together often see better results, have more fun in the gym, and enjoy more personal connections through health and fitness. Fitness Instructor, Drew Seanz has helped dozens of couples see fitness success through semi-private personal training and accountability. He tells us "It’s inspiring to see each of them show up for each other and put in the work to be better physically so they can show up as a better version of themselves for their spouses each and every day."

Here are a few tips to start exercising with your spouse if you are not al-ready:

1. Avoid judgment
We often judge those closest to us because we tend to think we know what’s best for them. This can often lead to years of inactivity and resentment from the other person. Instead, focus on the positive things your spouse does for their health and what you two can do together in a healthy way.

2. Ask before you tell
Asking your spouse to join you on an early morning walk or golf round is a good way to get them to buy-in to being more active on a weekly basis. Telling them they need to exercise regularly if they currently aren’t isn’t the best way to go about encouraging behavior change.

3. Set goals together
Working on similar goals such as fat loss, or strength gain at the same time will help you and your spouse connect your personal fitness. It’s a great way to share tips, successes, and failures, and continue to challenge each other and help one another grow.

4. Join a program at the same time
Did you know the Club offers over 20 live in-person and online fitness classes per week? We have everything from early morning HIIT, Mobility, and Aqua Fit to ensure you can stay active and thrive physically. In addition, we offer semi private personal training for couples online, in-home, and at the Sports Club. If you’d like to learn more about our group fitness programs or personal training services for you, or you and your spouse, email Fitness Director, Drew Saenz at