Day Trip - Route 66


Load up the car with fuel and snacks and make sure you bring your camera as you embark on an exciting day trip from our premier golf community to Route 66. This historic highway stretches across the majority of the country, but a pristine section cuts through northern Arizona, and makes for a memorable drive. While it may be difficult to visit every attraction along this stretch of Arizona freeway, check out our top four suggestions of must-sees on your way, and to get your kicks along Route 66.

1. Petrified Forest National Park
A mesmerizing sight to see and experience, the Arizona Petrified Forest National Park is located in the northeastern region of the state, and is full of geographical history. Adjacent to the Painted Desert, the national park was once home to towering forests and lush landscapes. Over millions of years, the region was buried under sediment and the forests began the long slow process of petrifaction, with original tree material being replaced with minerals. The forest offers a variety of hiking, scenic viewpoints and a museum.

2. Meteor Crater
Officially known as Barringer Crater by the scientific community, Meteor Crater is arguably one of the best preserved impact sites in the world. Viewing a piece of cosmic history is well worth the trip, as experts believe that at impact the meteorite was close to 150 feet in diameter and weighed in at roughly 300,000 tons. A popular destination for visitors, the site is open for tours and boasts an exciting museum and information center where guests can learn more about Meteor Crater’s history and view large fragments of the original meteorite. 

3. Flagstaff, Arizona
This charming college city is surrounded by mountains in Northern Arizona and its culture is a blend of Arizona history and modern-day developments. Home to a plethora of unique restaurants, breweries, shops and sights, Flagstaff is a great place to stop for a bite and shopping. Top tourist attractions include Lowell Observatory, where the planet Pluto was discovered, Wuptaki National Monument, featuring well preserved Native American ruins and Arizona Snowbowl, a premier ski resort in the winter that also offers lift rides in the off-season. If you want to take in a top local eatery, we highly recommend paying Beaver Street Brewery a visit, offering patrons a wide assortment of dining options and locally brewed beers. 

4. Grand Canyon Caverns
The largest dry caverns in the United States can be found 90 miles east of Flagstaff along a stretch of Route 66 in Northern Arizona. Located up to 300 feet below the surface, the Grand Canyon Caverns feature walkable tours and breathtaking sights as you travel into the earth. Only three of every 100 caverns in the world are dry, which makes this destination quite unique! The caverns are also home to a general store, gas station, motel and restaurant.

Arizona is fortunate to share a portion Route 66, and as you can see there is plenty to do and see along this iconic highway. For more information on Route 66 attractions, visit

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