Gardening in Arizona - Helpful Tips

Gardening in the Desert

Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club is home to some of the best desert views around. But if you’re feeling a little intimidated by the weather and soil conditions and think a garden is out of the question, think again!  Don’t let the dry temperatures and sun keep you from the perfect year-round backyard or garden. 

The experts from Desert Botanical Garden offer several tips for creating a garden that will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors. From learning how to plant cacti, to desert wildflowers and succulents, their website has got you covered. Can’t find your answers? Check out their Desert Plant Hotline you can call from 10-11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. 

To get your imagination started, here are some native plants that work for southwest gardens, courtesy of Better Homes and Garden and the AZ Plant Lady

  • Autumn Sage: This plant bears clusters of red, purple, pink or violent flowers. It’s also a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Yellow Columbine: This plant with vibrant yellow flowers is extremely heat tolerant.
  • Wine Cups: An extremely tough groundcover, wine cups have burgundy-red flowers from late spring to midsummer. 
  • Bunny Ear Cactus: An evergreen cactus, that bears a resemblance to its fun name, it produces yellow flowers in the spring and summer.
  • Texas Red Yucca: This plant produces bright red flowers in the summer and attracts hummingbirds. Not only is it beautiful, it’s hearty and tolerates heat and drought well.
  • Firecracker Penstemon: This low maintenance perennial’s red to orange flowers bloom throughout the winter months and into spring. The native plant is easy to grow from seed and thrives in direct sunlight. 
  • Angelita Daisy: These bright flowers are hearty enough to withstand Arizona summers, and a few winter frosts. A perfect addition to your landscaping or garden, this perennial has the staying power to last all year long.  
  • Baja Fairy Duster: This evergreen’s wispy red flowers can bloom year-round. The “low-litter” shrub is a great option for poolside planting or for easy yard care. 

For even more inspiration, check out our Pinterest page. You’ll find all you need for the perfect garden and additional “desert dwelling” tips. 

Happy Planting!