Golf and a Cheese Sandwich


Held the first full week of April, the Masters is the first of four PGA major championships. These tournaments typically attract the highest viewership of the season and feature a lineup of the world’s best professional golfers.

A fan – and player – favorite, the Masters is held at the legendary Agusta National Golf Club and has amassed a host of traditions over the years. Of course, we can’t discount the high-level of play that will span the four day, 72-hole tournament. But, one of the most beloved and arguably unusual phenomenon of the Masters is the famed pimento cheese sandwich.

Wrapped in iconic green baggies and sold (still!) for only $1.50, legend has it this sandwich was first brought to the tournament in the mid-1940s. Over the years this humble lunch offering a has been surrounded by controversy as new catering partners have undergone painstaking trial and error to mimic the original recipe.

We asked the chefs at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club to give us their take on pimento cheese (not to replicate the spread served at the Masters) and were rewarded with a delightfully simple recipe.

Before we start, let’s be sure we are all on the same page. Typically, you see pimentos stuffed into olives or in jars you buy to make potato salad. So, what is a pimento anyway? A pimento is a small, sweet red pepper. Because true pimentos are most easily found in a jar, our chef substitutes red bell peppers for this recipe.

Superstition’s Pimento Cheese

  •       4 fire roasted red bell peppers (peeled & deseeded)*
  •       1quart cream cheese
  •       Kosher salt to taste
  •       Red wine vinegar to taste

Blend the roasted peppers (in a blender or food processor) until well pureed. Whip the cream cheese in a stand mixer with the paddle attachment until smooth and then add the pureed peppers, salt and vinegar. Continue to whip until all ingredients are fully combined and you’ve reached a fluffy texture.

*You can roast the peppers over the open flame of a gas stove, on a BBQ grill or under your oven’s broiler. Be sure to rotate to roast each side until the skin is black charred. The charring concentrates the flavors of the pepper. The easiest way to peel is to allow the freshly roasted peppers to steam in a bowl covered with plastic wrap. After a few minutes the skin should slide off easily. Or, you can skip this step and buy a jar of roasted peppers at your local grocery store.

While simple white bread is the carb of choice for this sandwich in Agusta, fell free to experiment with different types of bread or serve the spread with crackers and veggies.

The chefs at our private country club suggest making a pimento cheese BLT. Because clearly, bacon makes everything better.

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