Improve Your Golf Swing with Tai Chi in Phoenix

At Superstition Mountain, members of the private golf club in East Valley Phoenix have full access to a variety of fitness classes and wellness programs. The most recent addition to the line up is Tai Chi, which will be hosted every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Tai Chi exercise routines are based off Chinese martial arts and are characterized by slow, fluid movements and focused breathing. Although not intended to raise your heart rate or burn a ton of calories, Tai Chi is a natural fit for golfers and can actually help improve your game. Read on – and check out the class at the Sports Club – to find out how.


Balance: Much of Tai Chi involves repeatedly transferring weight back and forth between the left and right leg while extending and retracting your arms and carefully flexing various joints. This type of practiced movement works to improve balance by increasing “proprioception” or the awareness of the position and movement of your body and individual limbs. 

Strength: While it may be a far cry from lifting weights, Tai Chi works all major muscle groups and has been shown to increase endurance and muscle strength. Over time, Tai Chi results can be compared to resistance training.

Flexibility: The flowing, centered movements of Tai Chi work to increase range of motion without putting undue stress on individual joints. An increase in flexibility can help prevent injury and improve posture and overall activity or function.

When practiced regularly, Tai Chi can increase muscle tone and develop body awareness that will help strengthen and control your golf swing. Members can learn more about the practice – sometimes called “moving meditation” – by contacting the Sports Club today.

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