Top 6 New Year's Resolutions for 2019


With a new year comes new resolutions. We’re all familiar with the same old promises such as losing weight, eating healthier and watching less TV. While those are great things to work on, try changing it up this year. Here are some unique resolutions to make the most of 2019.

1. Focus on Mental Health: Just like physical health, working on mental health is important too. A first step is identifying and eliminating anything that brings negativity into your life. This can mean cutting out toxic relationships or leaving a bad work environment. Another way to practice mental health is remembering to leave time for yourself each day. Practicing yoga or meditating can help ensure you have time to relax and recharge.

2. Learn a New Language: Deciding to learn a new language is a challenging yet rewarding resolution. Not only does knowing another new language improve your communication skills, but it can also open up doors in your career. If you’re planning on traveling out of the country, knowing the native language can prove useful to navigating new places and cultures. Finding the time to learn a language can be difficult, but there are many online programs and apps that can help you pick up new words and phrases on your own pace.

3. Be More Present: Getting away from the online world can be hard these days, but it makes for a good resolution. In 2019, work on looking at your phone less and living in the present more. Set time limits on social media usage and try not to check your phone when you’re spending time with family and friends. Along with cutting back on phone time, plan for more in-person meetups. Rather than sending your friend a “How are you?” text, meet for lunch. It’s more personal and will turn into a good habit.

4. Meet New People: It’s easy to get stuck in a social rut or have the same daily routine. This year, work on branching outside of your comfort zone and expanding your network. Meet new people by getting involved in the community through different clubs and organizations. Whether it’s volunteering or joining a book club, there are plenty of fun ways to meet new people.

5. Remember Date: This one may seem trivial but keeping track of special dates can go a long way. It’s a given that you should know your family members’ birthdays or your own wedding anniversary, but others are not so obvious. Keep a record of your neighbor’s birthday or your co-worker’s anniversary, and acknowledge it. It may seem small but remembering simple days that are important to others will mean a lot.

6. Travel More: Whether it’s a day trip in Arizona or a luxurious vacation in Europe, start planning more getaways for 2019. Not only is traveling a way to experience new cultures, but it allows you to gain a new perspective. Find your ideal destinations, plan ahead and start crossing those items off your bucket list.

As we dive into a new year, consider trying one of these resolutions. Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club offers a variety of fitness and social events to help you stick to your 2019 goals, so be sure to keep an eye on the community calendar and make a point to try something new.