Top Questions to Ask When Selecting a Private Golf Club

Joining a private golf club is a big investment (both in time and money) in a lifestyle, and picking the right one for you and your family is a major decision. One with the potential to also include a home in an adjoining golf community. Several factors go into this decision, the obvious ones are location, amenities, course quality and if you know someone who is already a member.

But, there are some deeper questions you should ask before you make your final decision. As one of the premier country clubs in Arizona, the team at Superstition Mountain has offered some insights into what to know before pulling the trigger and a list of questions to ask the membership director when shopping for your private club membership.


Enjoying (using) your membership 

  • What is the dress code?
  • What is the food & beverage policy?
  • What is the guest policy? 
  • What types of non-golf activities are hosted at the club?
  • What are the available amenities? Pickle Ball courts, pools, dining, etc.
  • Do you have a fitness/wellness component?
  • What type of social activities are hosted?
  • What are the top three most popular events at the club?
  • What is the golf program like?
  • What golf instruction opportunities are available?
  • How much in advance do you need to book a tee time?
  • How would your current members describe their club?

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Membership Details

  • What are the membership levels & are memberships available? 
  • If there is a wait list to join and, if so, how many are on the list?
  • What is the cost of initiation and dues?
  • Can the initiation fee be financed over time?
  • What is the annual membership turnover?
  • What happens when I don't want to be a member anymore? 
  • What is the resignation process? Is the initiation refundable?
  • If I live in the community, can I sell my membership with my home when I move? 
  • What is the demographic of the membership? 
  • What is the average age of members?
  • Are there families with young children?
  • Are most of the members year-round or use this as a second home? Where do they generally come from?

Note: when considering a club’s demographics, it’s not always just about age, ask about activity levels as we find many retirees are more active than their younger counterparts.


Operations & Financials

  • Who owns the club?
  • Is it member-owned, developer-owned, corporate-owned or private ownership? 
  • How is the club run, how are decisions made?
  • Is there a member governing board or advisory board?
  • Are the club’s financial statements available for review?
  • Are financials shared with the membership?
  • What has been the last three to five years of dues increases?
  • Does the club carry any debt?
  • If so, how and for how long?
  • Is there a capital reserve amount saved?
  • Is there a capital reserve study that is kept current?
  • Are there future projects on the horizon to improve the club?
  • How will they be paid for?

Some membership directors may not reveal all the financial information but it’s worth asking and, either way, you’ll learn something. You could also ask to have lunch with a current member to discuss everyday life at the club. It’s a big decision and one you shouldn’t take lightly. The beauty is, when you make the right decision about your membership, you will find a place to call home.

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