Winter Lawn Care Tips From our Groundskeepers


Maintaining two Nicklaus designed golf courses in a desert is no simple task. It’s safe to say our groundskeepers have quite the talented green thumbs when it comes to lawn care. Although Arizona winters are not as severe or cold as those in northern or eastern regions of the country, simple steps taken now can help your lawn stay healthy during the winter months.

Start Preparing Now
Like many things, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. This especially relates to winter lawn care and preparation. If you start too late, cold weather conditions could have damaged your lawn beyond repair. Devise your plan, purchase your supplies and set out some time this fall while the weather is beautiful to “winterize” your lawn.

Fertilize in the Fall
If you’re going to fertilize once a year, our groundskeepers recommend doing it in the fall. Grass roots grow quick and strong as the weather begins to cool. An application of fertilizer now will set up your lawn to grow deep roots that will be able to store reserve nutrients and survive the cooler temperatures of winter. For the best method of delivering even coverage, take the time to use a walk-behind drop spreader. This is also a great time of the year to help repair any bald spots with an all-in-one repair mixture available at most hardware stores.

Aerate the Soil 
Let your lawn breath. This is the premise of aeration. Like fertilization, aeration should be done once or twice a year, preferably in the fall. The aeration process breaks up compacted soil by punching holes into your turn, allowing nutrients, oxygen and water to travel more effectively to the roots.

Turn those pesky fallen leaves into a useful lawn and garden mulch. If you despise raking leaves as much as the next person, simply run them over a couple times with your lawn mower, shredding the leaves into a natural, organic and free mulch for your lawn. As an added perk, these shredded leaves will help protect your grass from winter wind and extreme dryness.

Weed Control
Take your yard back from bothersome weeds. Just as your lawn can flourish and establish growth during the fall, so can weeds. Like most plants, they are in energy-absorption mode during the fall. Don’t let them inhibit your lawn’s health and remove them as soon as possible. Be sure to remove the weed and its root in its entirety or you’ll be back at work removing them within weeks. If the problem continues, purchase an herbicide that won’t affect your lawn to keep your yard weed-free this winter.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the cozy indoors while your lawn is on its way to prospering health and growth. Once Spring arrives your lawn will be ready for these 4 Arizona Landscaping Tips.