3 Easy Golf Swing Tips


Give your golf game a boost from the long and short game. Next time you’re on our two Nicklaus-designed golf courses, give these golf tips and drills a try and improve your golf game.

1. Gate Putting Drill 
A popular drill by world-renowned golfer Tiger Woods, the gate putting drill helps improve your short game accuracy. Head to an open area on the practice green and place two tees a foot apart from each other. Then, practice putting the golf ball between the “gate” from five, 10 and 15 feet away. As you build your confidence and consistency, narrow the gate and repeat. 

2. Dollar Bill Drill 
Even if you avoid the newly renovated bunkers on Lost Gold and Prospector, golfers need to feel comfortable and confident when faced with a sand trap shot. The dollar bill drill is timeless practice routine in a bunker that begins by placing a dollar bill down in the sand with the ball positioned in the middle of the bill. Next, set up to the ball and swing. The dollar bill should represent where the club strikes the sand, a few inches before the golf ball.  Continue to swing through the sand and follow through. 

3. Delay Drill
Patience is key when playing the game of golf. Some golfers hook or slice a shot when they rush their swing from their body moving too fast or too slow with the swing. Try the delay drill for a simple, yet effective remedy. Begin by setting up your normal stance, at the top of the swing, stop, count to three and then finish. This allows your body and swing to connect and move together. Forewarning, this patience-building drill can be difficult at first—but with some practice, you will hit the ball farther and straighter than before.

With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to an improved golf game. If you would like personalized one-on-one instructions, give our Top 100 Golf Shop a call at (480) 983-1411.

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