4 Luxury Pet Accessories your Furry Friend will Love


Members of Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club enjoy resort-style living in our golf course communities in Arizona and so do their pets. Treat your four-legged companions to the same levels of luxury with these accessories and gadgets. 

1. High-End Pet Beds
High-end pet beds allow your pet to rest in comfort and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Growing in popularity, memory foam beds pamper your pet day in and day out. If your dog has chewed beds before, K9 Ballistics manufactures “chew-proof” dog beds that are tough and resilient, yet still provide coziness. 

2. Automatic Pet Feeder
Does your pet have a unique eating schedule or are you unable to make it home on time for an animal’s meal time? With PetNet Smart Feeder, you can dispense food into a bowl for your pet from anywhere using a smartphone. The automatic feeder stores up to seven pounds of dry food, allows users to set up a portioned meal schedule and monitors your pet’s eating activity. 

3. Pet Chatz
Stay connected with your pet while you’re away with Pet Chatz, a two-way video camera that allows you to interact with your pet at any time of the day. The system can be attached to the wall so you and your pet can see each other, and hear each other through your computer, tablet or smartphone. The device also allows treats to be stored internally and dispensed at your discretion to give your pet love while away. 

4. Whistle Pet Activity Monitor
Like a FitBit for your pet, Whistle is an activity tracker for your pet that attaches to their collar. This piece of technology will monitor your pet’s day and notify you on their progress. As an added feature, Whistle also acts as a GPS tracker that offers owners nationwide coverage to pinpoint your pet’s location at any given time. The app will even notify you via email or text if your four-legged friend escapes from a predesignated location. 

Now that you have fun gadget ideas to entertain your pet, consider taking your fur-baby on an adventure. We came up with 5 thing to do with your dog in Arizona.  Phoenix offers a variety of pet-friendly venues and events that are the ideal way to enjoy the day.