4 Ways to Pair Drinks and Food in Arizona Fall

Fall is here, and the time has finally arrived to indulge in delicious seasonal food and drinks. Give your taste buds a treat by pairing your favorite fall eats with something more unique. Here is a roundup of must-try food and beverage pairings, perfect for the autumn season.

1. Pumpkin Pie & Champagne
Skip the holiday toasts and save the champagne for your pumpkin pie dessert. Not only is champagne a tasty complement to the pumpkin flavor, but any sweet, sparkling wine will bring out the best in your pie. A sparkling fruit juice also pairs well as a non-alcoholic alternative. Experts at Wine Enthusiast share a variety of other wines you can try with this Thanksgiving staple.

2. Blue Cheese & Cider
A delicious wine and cheese spread is good for the soul, but next time around, try ditching your wine and opt for cider instead. Like most cheeses, blue cheese is best balanced with a fruit flavor. So, whether your blue cheese is alone on a platter or mixed in with a bigger dish, cider’s sweetness will provide a nice balance to bring out the powerful cheese flavors. Wisconsin Cheese Talk recommends pairing your blue cheese with a pear cider to get the best possible taste experience.

3. Barbeque & Amber Ale
Fall weather in Phoenix offers prime conditions for hosting a weekend barbeque with family and friends. Broaden your usual beer selection and bring out some Amber Ale. With a dry and crisp finish, this is the ideal beverage to go with a hearty barbeque meal. The caramel hint in the ale is a delightful complement to the smoked flavor in the meat. Also consider trying this crockpot recipe, which calls for Amber Ale to be poured over a barbeque beef shoulder roast before cooking.

4. Fruit & Hot Chocolate
When you pour a cup of hot chocolate, you probably grab the nearest cookie, cake or other sugary treat to go with it. Instead, try snacking on some fruit. It sounds like an odd combination, but tangy fruits such as strawberries and oranges are a nice accompaniment to the creamy chocolate. The good news is that next time the grandkids come over, you can still offer them something sweet with a healthy treat on the side. You can also try some of these salty, sweet and tangy pairings from The Spruce Eats.

These are just a few pairings to spice up your meal selections this fall. If you prefer someone else do the cooking, try Superstition Mountain’s wide assortment of cuisine options prepared by the outstanding culinary team. As one of the top gated communities in Phoenix, the Clubhouse Dining Room is perfect for any celebration or get-together.