3 Golf Tips that Will Elevate Your Game


With perfect golf weather having arrived, we don’t blame our members for wanting to spend every moment on our two Nicklaus designed courses. We caught up with our instructors for some tips and drills to help improve aspects of your golf.

1. Keep Your Hands Soft on Chip Shots
Do you want to improve your chip shot? For this type of swing, soft hands are a necessity. When getting ready for your swing, apply light grip pressure (about 4 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the tightest) to ensure a lack of tension in your arms and softness in your hands. Then with a slightly open stance to promote ball-first contact, keep your chin high and back straight to best complete your swing.


2. Let Your Body Rotate on Chip Shots

To connect as solidly as possible on chip shots, allow your body to rotate forward in the swing. Doing so shifts your weight to your front foot and keeps the club shaft toward the target at impact. Think of the right knee as a trigger for the downswing. Swing the club head back, then kick your right knee toward your left knee. This will unlock your right side and get your whole body rotating forward.

3. Gate Crasher Putting Drill
This fun drill will help improve the accuracy of your short game. Find a flat and straight putt of eight to 10 feet, then place two ball markers about halfway between your ball and the hole. Set them just wide enough apart that a ball could roll between them. Your goal for this drill is very straight forward (pun intended): hit putts that not only roll between the markers or “gates” but also go in the hole. This drill is a great way to warm up your putting game and help sharpen your accuracy.

Continue enjoying the incredible weather and the beautiful courses in our private golf club. With these tips and drills in mind, we hope you will see your game improve. If you’re interested in one-on-one instruction, give our Top 100 Golf Shop a ring at (480) 983-1411.

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