5 Tips to Get Better at Tennis Without a Court


The perfect weather for tennis season is in full swing, and now is a great time to focus on your skills. It’s easy to think about technical skills on the court, but what about things you can do off the court? Here are some simple tips you can add into your everyday routine to help improve your overall tennis game.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet
Eating healthy is about more than managing your weight. Everything you eat and drink should be fueling your body. If you notice you feel sluggish or tire easily, think about your diet. Eliminating bad sugars and extra fats can increase your energy levels and help with endurance. Add more lean meats and protein to your diet and always remember to stay hydrated before, during and after you play.

2. Try Different Workouts
Tennis is a great form of exercise, but switching up your workout can improve your overall game. Our private, golf community in Phoenix has a full-service fitness and wellness program exclusively for members. Consider trying our Tennis Cardio class. This class gives you a full-body, calorie burning aerobic workout that is perfect preparation for your next match. Also check out our variety of cardio and stretch workouts to get your body in great condition to play your best on the court.

3. Relax Your Mind
Performing well physically also means focusing on your mental health. Mind-body workouts a great way to calm your mind while staying fit. At Superstition, we offer a variety of yoga and meditation classes, including “Yogajuvenation,” which will move, strengthen, balance, stretch and relax your body.

4. Learn from Watching
It’s possible to practice too much and overthink what you’re doing. Give your body a break and watch professional tennis players on TV or at live matches. It’s also beneficial to watch your peers. Superstition Mountain has its very own active tennis group full of friendly members who are interested in both tennis and having fun. Watching and practicing with others can help you pick up a trick or two and set new goals.

5. Go Back to the Basics
Sometimes the best way to get to the next level is to focus on the basics. Are you holding your racket correctly? Could your swing use some modification? Step away from the court for a while and think about your hand placement, swing and stance. This can allow you to focus on your skills without the pressure of an opponent on the other side of the net.

These tips are just a few ways you can step back from the court and mix up your usual tennis routine. Along with four tennis courts, our private gated golf community offers a variety of resources and amenities at our sports club to help you focus on your overall health and wellness. Trying some of these off-the-court methods might be more beneficial than you expect.