Keep it Clean - Tips to Clean Your Clubs


To keep your clubs in pristine condition, the golf pros at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club suggest cleaning them roughly once every month or two. In addition to the basic wipe after each round at our East Valley private golf club, below are a few tips on how to get the best performance out of your sticks.

Suds it up
Simple dish soap will do the trick. Just fill a bucket, your sink or tub with water and a bit of liquid soap and get to cleaning. Steer clear of bleach or harsh cleaning products as they can damage the finish on your clubs. 

To dunk or not to dunk
 Some people like to soak their clubs for a few minutes before scrubbing and others prefer to just dip a towel and brush in the water without a presoak. Either way is fine as long as you make sure the ferrules stay above water level and your woods skip the submersion bath altogether. 

Get in the groove
Use a toothbrush to clean all dirt and grass out of the clubface. Those grooves are part of what helps control spin, and clogged groves can have an impact your game. A toothpick can be used to extract stubborn debris. 

Rinse it all away
Be sure to rinse all of the soap and dirt from your clubs. You don’t want to leave behind any sudsy residue that can cause a nasty buildup. 

High and dry
Use a soft towel to dry the club head and wipe the entire shaft. Steel shafts can develop rust so be sure to dry completely. 

Grip it
Maintaining your grips can restore tackiness and help ensure you have a firm hold on your club. Same rules apply - wipe with mild soppy water, rinse clean and gently pat dry. Be sure to thoroughly inspect your grips for tears or damage while you are at it. 

Special club brushes and groove cleaners are available for those who want to clean like the pros, many of which can be found at our highly-ranked golf shop. Feel free to stop by to chat with one of our knowledgeable staff members about best practices, and products for cleaning your clubs. 

Now that your clubs are ready to hit the links stop by our Membership Office to see you can become a member and put them to good use.