Coyotes: You may notice a healthy local coyote population, which is not intimidated by human proximity. The Arizona Department of Game and Fish has no plans to remove or reduce the local population, as other populations of coyotes will just move in and take their place. Please read this very important information on how to respond to coyote encounters, and keep yourself and your pets safe.

Snakes: Did you know there are over a dozen species of rattlesnakes living in Arizona? Rattlesnakes are more active in the warmer months, and can cause serious health problems if bitten. If you need assistance with a snake, contact the Mesa Fire & Medical District Dispatch at 480.644.2400.

One Superstition Mountain resident recommends using sticky traps, and reported catching two baby rattlesnakes within one week using these. Sticky traps can be found at hardware stores, or provided by your pest control service provider.  Learn more common sense prevention methods, and some lesser known tips from the Arizona Department of Game and Fish, on living with venomous reptiles.

Please take extra caution when opening irrigation boxes. DLC Resources, our landscape provider, instructs their crews to tap on irrigation box lids before attempting to open them. If they hear snakes rattling or bees buzzing, they leave opening the box for another day.

Mountain Lions: Two separate mountain lion sightings were reported in our community in the first six months of 2019. for some expert advice on living within mountain lion habitat.

Injured Wildlife: Should you see an injured animal requiring rescue and/or rehabilitation, please contact Liberty Wildlife at 480.998.5500.

(Please scroll down to view wildlife photos provided by our residents.)

Domesticated Animals & Pets

If your pet goes missing, contact the Association Office at 480.983.6773. If the office is closed, email Alex Wright, Community Manager, at AWright@ccmcnet.comPlease provide a description and photo of your lost pet, the time and approximate location when/where your pet went missing, and your contact information. You will also need to notify the Gate House staff by calling 480.973.9270. The Association will forward the information to all Superstition Mountain residents and the Golf Club. (Please note that your information will be made public.) 

Pinal County Animal Control

If you see or capture a stray, call Pinal County Animal Control at 1.888.431.1311, and choose option 6. 

Their Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00, and Saturdays from 10:00-2:00. For After-hours emergencies: 520.509.3555 and follow the automated prompts; ogo to their website.

Whether you have lost a pet or sighted/caught a stray, we also recommend that you contact Lost and Found Dogs of Apache Junction/Gold Canyon. Look for them on Facebook or google "Paw Alert - Gold Canyon". This will take you to their Facebook page where you can post information about your lost or found pet. 

Leaving for the Summer
Find more helpful tips from the Humane Society on how to prepare your pet for travel.

Local Wildlife