Landscape Subcommittee

In 2018 the Design Review Committee (DRC) established a Landscape Subcommittee (LSC) to assist with, and enhance, the landscape of new home construction. CLICK HERE to view the charter.

The LSC is chaired by a current board member, and consists of two additional members and a professional landscape consultant. The LSC meets monthly, prior to the DRC meetings, to review any landscape submittals either as stand alone projects, or those submitted during review of new home plans.  

The Landscape Subcommittee Members are

  • Debby Koste, Board Member, Committee Chair
  • Kayla Clark, Committee Member
  • Connie Thomas, Committee Member
  • Anne Ellis, Landscape Consultant

The LSC is assisted by Association staff, namely Annie Vaugier in her role as DRC Coordinator. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Annie by email, or by calling the office. 

If you are currently involved in the Design Review process on a new home, or significant remodel, Landscape Review is part of the process. Please find below the most current versions of the Approved Plant List (PDF), and the Landscape Spreadsheet / Landscape Calculator (Excel). Please note that the landscape spreadsheet has locked cells, with notes in the editable cells to assist with your completion. If you have any questions on how to use the calculator, please contact Annie Vaugier

Approved Plant List - Appendix E
Landscape Calculator