Who Should I Contact?

Who Should I Contact?

To provide the best customer service, we encourage after-hours calls to be directed to the Gate House at 480-983-9270.

The gate staff are knowledgeable about the community. They are equipped with the necessary tools to help resolve matters, document them for office staff to act on as appropriate, or escalate the matter. The following types of issues are best handled by your gate staff team when the offices are closed on nights and weekends:

    Nuisance-type complaints - particularly noise issues such as loud music, barking dogs, or speeding around the community.

    Water leaks - The gate team can locate the leak and report to staff with photos and location data, ensuring prompt repair by DLC resources. Alternatively, if the leak is significant and needs immediate action, the gate team is authorized to call DLC's Emergency Service as required.

While your Design Review & Compliance Coordinator, Jaime, will send the necessary violation letter when needed, she cannot do so without proper documentation of an issue. Using the gate team, as noted above, will provide that critical information and allow for a quicker resolution to most issues.