Community Survey

Survey Results

The SMOA Board conducts a community survey roughly every two years. You can view the full results of the 2020 Survey by clicking below. We will continue to add infographics as we address the topic areas in Village Views Newsletters throughout the summer and fall of 2020. 

SMOA Survey 2020 - Results

Summary Document

This document compiles all survey articles into one tidy package. You can easily reference the takeaways, enhancements and process improvements for each topic area. 

2020 Community Survey Articles - Complete

Communications Infographic

Click the links below for full resolution PDF's of the given infographic.


Communication Infographic - Full Resolution PDF

Design Review Infographic


Design Review Infographic - Full Resolution PDF

Community Access and Patrol Infographic


Community Access and Patrol Infographic - Full Resolution PDF

Benefitted Village Infographic


Benefitted Village Infographic - Full Resolution PDF

Landscape Maintenance Infographic


Landscape Maintenance Infographic - Full Resolution PDF

Board and Management Infographic


Board and Management Infographic - Full Resolution PDF