Assessment Statements & Payments

Bank Transition

In August 2023, CCMC began transitioning its banking partner from Pacific Western Bank to Alliance Association Bank. This transition includes steps taken by CCMC and Pacific Western Bank AND steps requiring action by each owner. 

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    Assessment Payment Options
    Homeowner Quick Reference Guide - AAB

    Unsure how you pay your assessments? 

    Click Here for some helpful information to help you dial in on your former payment method, which can help you choose the best payment method going forward. 

    Payment Options

    We understand there are many ways to pay your association dues. In addition to paying by mail, below are details regarding four electronic ways to pay, which include; recurring payment, electronic checks, debit, and credit card options. Whichever method you choose, please include your account number to ensure prompt and proper application of your payment. If you have any questions about your account or our payment options feel free to contact a member of your onsite team  at 480-983-6773 / or reach out to our new CCMC’s Customer Service Support Team at 1-833-301-4538. 

    You can also review your account activity online by visiting our payment portal at:

    Recurring Payments through Alliance Association Bank (AAB)

    If you choose to set up recurring payments with AAB you need three pieces of information:

    • Management Company ID (6675)
    • Association ID (237)
    • Property Account Number (listed on your statement, typically 5-6 digits long)To obtain your account number refer to your statement or contact the site office:
    • You can set up your account here:

    Bill Pay with your personal banking institution:

    • Simply update your bill pay option with your personal bank account, ensuring payments are mailed to the new address for processing.

      Make checks payable to your community association:

      Superstition Mountain

      c/o CCMC Processing Center

      PO Box 93327

      Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327

      Alliance Association Bank Customer Service: 844-739-2331

      *Be sure to include your account number (this has not changed and is visible on your statement) for proper and timely processing of your payment.

    There is a cost savings to the Association for every owner who signs up for electronic E-Statements. In addition to the cost savings, benefits include no lost mail, no need to change your mailing address when you travel, and email reminders that are sent directly to your in-box. Go to Sign up for E-Statements here or call 1.866.244.2262 for more information.

    Enjoy the journey, knowing your information travels with you. It's never been easier!

    Assessment Payments
    Assessment payments are due quarterly on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year. Statements are sent to each home owner's mailing address of record during the prior month. To avoid any late penalties, please be sure to inform the Association Office in advance of any change to your mailing preferences. Please see details below.

    If you need help identifying your account number, please email Terri at for assistance.

    Change of Address 
    Your address can be changed by simply emailing Terri at the Association Office at If you own multiple properties, please include all addresses that will be affected. If your name is different than the owner of record, or if you purchased under a different surname or an entity name, please include that information as well. Assessment statements go out several weeks ahead of their due date, please allow sufficient time for address changes to be added to our system.