The Design Guidelines have been reviewed, amended and approved by the DRC and Board in August 2020. As part of a 2019 revision, a Landscape Subcommittee was been established to review landscape plans. 

The current, revised guidelines are available below. Some major changes include the following:

  • Design Review Fee now includes the cost of the Landscape Consultant
  • A professional landscape plan, and filled out Landscape Calculator, is required with Preliminary Submittal
  • Construction Deposit for new home construction is now $30,000
  • Owner is required to attend Conceptual and Preconstruction Meetings

If you are in the planning or design phase, please contact Annie Vaugier for the most current documents. 

Benefit Village Construction Guidelines
SMOA Design Review Guidelines
SRP Guidelines - Assessibility

Plat Maps, Village Maps, 
Owners may request copies of plat maps of individual lots from the Owners Association. Note that these are the original marketing plats created by Lyle Anderson; p
lat maps and site plans are provided for informational purposes only. All owners, potential owners, and their agents should verify the information contained therein with Pinal County, to the satisfaction of the buyer, owner or owner's agent.

For maps of individual Villages, visit the Neighborhoods section of this website, located on the top ribbon.