2024 Road Reconstruction

Phase 2 - Road Reconstruction July 7 - August 16, 2024


Updates from the Owners Association

  • Village Specific Communications: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Scope of Project

The SMOA is working with MR Tanner, and Frank Civil Consulting, the same consultants who assisted the SMOA on the first phase of road reconstruction in 2023.

This work will cover Superstition Mountain Drive (from just past the entrance to Golden Eagle Village to just past the entrance to First Water Village.  It will also include major portions of the roads in Golden Eagle, First Water and Lost Gold, as highlighted on the map below.


Road Reconstruction Activity & Photos

7.19.2024: Milling / Pavement Removal now COMPLETE:

This work went smoothly and as expected. Thank you to all who are reading the communication and planning ahead. This helps the whole project to be executed as planned. See below for photos of the milling progress and the current "roads".




Milling / Pavement Removal Schedule:

While Miling and Pavement Removal does not cause any extended access restrictions, you may experience delays if you are caught behind the equipment, or are trying to exit your village while the equipment and crews are milling SMD. 

In addition, as we begin work in some of the benefitted villages, where roads are narrower and alternative access doesn't exist, access in and out of your home may be delayed longer than those impacted by the work on Superstition Mountain Drive. To help alleviate this, and provide information for you to better plan, the tentative milling schedule is below:

  • July 17 - Start the day milling southbound SMD (purple), then move to Golden Eagle (green)
  • July 18 - Start the day milling northbound SMD (red), then move to First Water (blue)
  • July 19 - Mill Lost Gold Estates (yellow)

If there is a delay caused by weather or unforseen circumstances, the milling company will bring an additional milling machine out on Friday, July 19 to ensure all milling is complete by end of day Friday. 

Utility Adjustments: 

Adjustments were completed July 8 & 9, 2024. Manhole cover will sit adjacent to the removal location until the project is complete. Then crews will return, and replace the utility equipment the week of August 12-16, 2024.